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Whether you feel lost, frustrated, or lonely, we can help. You don't have to feel as though you're stuck in quicksand with no way out. If you're struggling to make friends, to have the kind of relationships that you want to have, or you're in need of change, yet don't know where to start, call us. Together, we will help you find a starting point, and uncover solutions to the problems that you're dealing with. We can help you increase your confidence, so that you can make lasting friendships. Or we can even help you with your romantic relationship if that is what you're looking for. We will identify the sources of dissatisfaction in your life, and work through them. Whether you're unhappy with your job, unsure of your relationship, or unsure of the current direction of your life, we can work through this. today for help from someone who is more than just a good listener, but rather a therapist who is straight-forward, can help you feel better, and improve all aspects of your life.

now to set up an appointment to see how counseling and therapy may be able to help you in dealing with:
  • and daily stress related to work or home life.
  • A partner who is threatening to leave due to addictive behavior.
  • Obsessive thinking and compulsive behavior.
  • Depression and a lack of motivation.
  • Coping with to your family and friends.
  • Problems with infidelity and trust in relationships.
  • Gaining control of .
  • Communication problems in your relationship.
  • Poor self-esteem.
  • Feeling that your relationship is growing apart.
  • Problems with angry outbursts and aggression.
  • Problems in your sex-life.
  • Issues with maintaining boundaries.

Sex Addiction Counseling

If you are tired of hiding your sexual behavior from your partner, or your sexual behavior is putting your health at risk, we can help. Together we can work through shameful feelings that you have, and help you better understand the basis of your behavior.

Depression Counseling

Struggling to find motivation? Do you have a sense of hopelessness? We can help. Together we can walk through what you feel depressed about, and identify the underlying sources of this feeling, and help you take steps to work through it.

Couples/Marital Therapy

If you're in a relationship that feels like it's going nowhere, or you're struggling to effectively communicate with your partner, couples therapy can help. We can help with problems in your sex life, problems with trust, or problems with negotiation by opening up lines of communication, and helping your life dreams to come true.

Anxiety Counseling

Whether you are feeling like the balancing act of stress is too much to handle, you are so self-conscious that you avoid social situations, or you are having panic attacks, we can help. Together, we will work so that you can find calm and confidence in these situations in your life. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Gay & Lesbian Affirming Therapy

It is important that you have a counselor who you feel comfortable with, without feeling like you have to educate him about your sexual orientation. Whether you want to discuss issues specifically related to coming out or self-acceptance, or you want to discuss issues relating to anxiety and depression, we can help.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Whether you are unsure whether or not you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, or you know that you have a problem, but you are unsure of where to begin, we can help. We can help you assess the problem, identify underlying issues if there is a problem, and create plans to prevent future abuse.

Therapist in DallasAbout Michael Salas
Michael is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Chemical Dependency Counselor in Dallas. He is the owner and founder of Vantage Point . His office is conveniently located in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas. Michael has specialized training in working with issues relating to anxiety and depression. He also has specialized training in working with issues relating to sex addiction, compulsive gambling, and substance abuse.

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Making a decision of whether or not contact a therapist or counselor can be extremely daunting. The idea of talking with someone who you do not yet know about your sadness, problems with anxiety, difficulties in your relationship, or problems with addictive or compulsive behavior can be intimidating. This intimidation factor understandably keeps many people from seeking out the help of a counselor that could be extremely beneficial. Sorting out confusing situations, building skills to reach life goals, and opening up lines of communication are just some of the benefits of the counseling process. Therefore, if you're considering participating in therapy, know that you likely could benefit from participating in it.

So how do you decide which is a good “fit” for you? Although it sounds overly simplistic, I recommend that you start with you. What do you want out of your life? Can you imagine a life with less fear and anxiety? What about a life where you are motivated to get things done each day? Identify those things in your life that you want to work on. If you contact me, I can help you travel through this journey and recognize the thinking that leads you to feel sad, anxious or worried. You can learn the basis of your relationship problems and understand what you can do to make things better. I can also help you to learn about addictive behaviors, identify what could trigger you to return to them, and create plans to deal with such issues in the future.

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