About Natalie

Natalie Knox, MA, LMFT-Associate, LPC-Intern

Under the Supervision of Candy Marcum, LMFT-S, LPC-S

Have you realized that your old habits have kept you stuck?

Do you feel like you have put up a barrier between yourself and the world?

Is it hard to voice your concerns when mistreated?

Has anger gotten in the way of maintaining good relationships?

I can help. I understand these struggles, and as your therapist, I will help you develop coping strategies to combat life’s dilemmas.

Whether you choose to see me for individual or couples therapy, we can work on the
following areas:
• Disowned feelings and needs
• Couples’ intimacy challenges
• Anger management
• Self-esteem issues
• Identity formation
• Acculturative stressors
• Depression
• Managing anxiety

Phone: 214-310-0417

Email: natalieknox@vantagepointdallascounseling.com

Do you have a hard time putting yourself first? Do you feel you have to choose between
honoring your interest and your family’s? I can help you work through it to find a balance
between personal interest and family life. I will help guide you in a safe exploration of your
experiences and help you open the door to greater compassion for yourself.

Is there a loud silence in your relationship? Maybe you find it difficult to open up to your
significant other? Do you have some concerns about your relationship but you’re avoiding it?
Have you recognized that there are some aspects of your relationship that may need assistance,
but don’t know where to start? I can assist by giving you the tools to communicate your unique
experience to one another. We will work together to identify what works and what doesn’t work
in your relationship. I can help you and your partner recognize marginalized feelings or needs
and reclaim a sense of togetherness. As your therapist, I will create a safe therapeutic
environment so everyone can talk openly; and begin the process of engaging emotionally so that
you and your partner can soothe, comfort, and reassure each other again.
In 2015 Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage in the US allowing lesbian couples to
become more visible in society.

Now that we are in a new era do these questions resonate with you: Are you at a loss for words
when someone asks you what your hobbies are? Do you have an untold story that you have kept
a secret? Do you have a story that just needs a voice? Do you have an experience or story that
has prevented you from moving forward, a very old story that no longer fits who you’ve
become? I have worked with lesbian couples from diverse, multicultural backgrounds and
offered both individual and couples therapy. I can assist you with writing the story you want to
tell. One has to compromise when in a relationship, but one shouldn’t compromise on who to

MA in Counseling
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-Associate
Licensed Professional Counselor–Intern