This is a link to a press release about compulsive gambling counseling in Dallas Texas. The article discusses how Vantage Point is offering group counseling to help clients overcome problem gambling. This group will help clients learn how to rebuild their relationships and regain trust. Clients learn how to create a balance in their lives by managing their stress, learning how to find hobbies that do not involve gambling, and building and rebuilding friendships and intimate relationships. They will learn about the long-term difficulties that are associated with impulsive decisions and making short-term decisions to overcome long-term problems. Clients in these groups will be challenged to become more in touch with their emotions and how to manage their emotions. Finally, clients will learn relaxation skills and how to learn to relax without becoming bored.

This group will offer an individualized approach to treatment. Couples counseling can be offered to those clients who are struggling in their relationships. Individual counseling can be offered to compliment group therapy sessions to help clients further process what they learn in groups. Also, clients can participate in individual therapy with their current therapists, and participate in group counseling for their gambling problems, while maintaining their current therapeutic relationship with their current counselor. Therefore, they can work on individual issues and learn more about their emotions and ways to control these, and process this information in a group counseling session with other problem gamblers.

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