Relationship problems are common for individuals who have Asperger’s Disorder. Many times partners and spouses are confused by the very traits that can be attributed to this syndrome. Needing time alone, becoming easily overwhelmed or stressed, and communication difficulties are often confused as being aloof, not caring, and being sarcastic and rude. Most of the problems that I have seen in relationships with individuals who have AS come from a misunderstanding of their needs and reactions. Realizing that responses are not necessarily a direct result of how the person who has AS feels about their partner, but rather are learned responses to specific stimuli.

Learning new communication strategies can greatly benefit both parties. Helping the partner learn ways to avoid misconceptions can help a couple live more happily together. Helping the person with AS to be better able handle stress and communicate needs can also greatly improve a relationship. Given the right amount of time and practice, many of these relationship issues resolve and make a more functional relationship.


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