With Thanksgiving approaching, the Christmas Season is upon us. This can sound exciting or ominous, depending on your point of view. People can become quite stressed about this time of year. There are many family plans that take place, there are gifts to buy, and you are not supposed to appear depressed at this time of year. Here are some tips to help you make it through this time of year.

  1. Remember that Christmas is a day and not an actual season. People overemphasize the length of this time of year. It really is only one day.
  2. Do not over-emphasize the importance of attendance of particular guests on Christmas Day. Sometimes people become upset because one person is not going to make it home for Christmas Day. Although this could be disrespectful, this is a different issue. Don’t make the mistake of ruining your holiday by mixing these two issues. Enjoy the people that you are with on Christmas Day, and address your feelings about your un-attending guest later. By addressing your feelings, I do not necessarily mean that confronting that person is what you should do in this situation either. Stay tuned for other entries…
  3. Do not over-emphasize the importance of gifts. Christmas has become synonymous with gifts. Gift-giving has become an expectation for this holiday. Because this is the season of giving, do not think that you have to spend money that you do not have. Think outside of the box and develop creative ways to give back to your family. Many times these gifts are much more meaningful and memorable than gifts that are wanted items alone. Think about it. Do you remember a specific toy that you received when you were 10 on Christmas Day? Not likely, but you might remember a specific Christmas celebration. Look online or ask friends for ideas.
  4. It is ok to feel sad throughout the holidays. Many people feel guilty about feeling sad through Christmas and the New Year. This is not something to feel guilty about. It is common to feel sad for various reasons at this time of the year. Some people experience sadness from the weather alone. Whatever the reason, recognize that you are sad and find ways to keep busy, distract yourself and replace your time with things that you enjoy.
  5. Share responsibilities. Do not think that you have to do Christmas alone. Ask for help for planning the day itself. Involving others can be a fun way to bond with your family.



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