Common Relationship Problems

Problems with Sex

Sex is one of the key ways that couples connect and express intimacy, but it can also be a source of serious problems. There can be issues with sexual dysfunction and sexual desire. For some, there are issues with pain with sex, and other times there are problems with communication about this. Other couples simply struggle with talking about their sexual desires. In your relationship, there are ways to find your way through these issues. As you identify what is behind your problems with sex, you can open up with your partner about these issues, and find solutions that can work. This can mean increased romance, sexual intimacy, and connection. Whether it’s low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, or sexual gratification, self-awareness and communication are the keys to a sexual relationship that works.

High Levels of Conflict

Many relationships are struggling have difficulties because of conflict. The primary reason for difficulties with conflict is communication issues within the relationship. Sometimes, these problems can be to such an extent that the discussion can erupt into name-calling and anger. Without being able to work through disagreements, couples can’t make their way to an adequate negotiation. All couples have conflict. However, there are key characteristics of those relationships that are more successful at dealing with such conflict. The couples who best handle these challenges are able to identify and regulate their emotions, practice emotional self-soothing, and actively listen.


Cheating and affairs can leave a trail of trauma and pain that can turn even some of the best relationships toxic. Couples that are working through infidelity have to practice open communication, while easing back into vulnerability and trust. After an affair, there can be no more assumptions about what is and isn’t OK. The couple has to learn to tolerate unknowns, practice mutual respect, and practice openness about struggles and successes. In time, and with the right help, couples are able to understand what lead to the cheating, and work through the pain. Many are even able to find more closeness and connection than before the discovery of the cheating.


Money is a common issue that many couples face. Most relationships have some type of income imbalance. Relationships also are built with people who have independent ideas of the significance of money. People develop their own rules about this issue. Many times these rules come from lifetime of stories about saving, spending, and earning. The stories can even be trauma based. The couples that are more successful in working through financial concerns are those that share their lifetime stories of money, while practicing solid listening skills and respect.


Relationships are largely about negotiation. Different people with different life experiences come together to form a connection. We’re taught that couples share everything. The truth is that even the most solid of relationships have differing ideas. Couples who are the most successful in their relationships are able work towards negotiation. However, they also recognize that prior to negotiating, they have to respect each other and practice validation.


As time passes, and couples are together for a longer period of time, moving apart is common. Connection is the most important aspect to all relationships. Romantic relationships are no different. Unfortunately, many couples separate at this crossroads in their relationship, when they feel like they have lost something. However, there are ways to reconnect, when prior connection has been lost.

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