Concierge Therapy

Is your relationship falling apart, and you need to get an emergency appointment scheduled?

Are you in serious need of therapy, but have a career where you can’t risk being seen?

Did you just discover that there is cheating in your relationship, and need help that can’t wait the weekend?

We offer concierge services that can accommodate these and other situations where you can’t wait.

Our concierge therapy includes the following:

  • Weekend, Evening or Same Day Services
  • Emergency Therapy Sessions for Crisis Situations
  • Immediate Services for Infidelity, Cheating, and Sexual Addiction
  • In Home or Office Sessions
  • Focus on Privacy for CEOs, Celebrities, and High Visibility Professionals
  • Sexual Intimacy and Dysfunction Therapy Sessions

Cheating and Infidelity Emergencies

If you’ve just discovered that you’ve been cheated on, it can be extremely important to get in to see a therapist immediately. With our concierge services, you don’t have to wait. We will work with you to set up a session during hours that are more convenient for you. This means that we can meet with you at night or on weekends, where it can be difficult to find a therapist to help.

You can set up time to meet with a therapist for more than the standard hour, so that you can get a head start on mending your relationship. There are ways to talk about cheating, and it can be hard to know how. It can also be hard to know how you can tolerate being in this situation. We are here to help.

Executives, Celebrities, CEOs

For those who have high visibility professions, celebrities, and CEOs, it can be difficult to get in to see a therapist. Some people risk losing their career for simply being seen with a therapist. Others simply have schedules that include last minute travel, and finding time to commit to a standard schedule can be impossible. Our services can give you the ultimate flexibility and access. Whether it’s recovery from sexual addiction, handling an affair, or holding a relationship together that is severely severed, we can help.

Same Day Access

If a situation arises, and you need immediate help, concierge therapy can save your relationship. In situations that can erupt, and fall apart, our therapists can help you find a centered place to work on thing. It can help make things less volatile at home. This is especially helpful for couples who are dealing with a discovery of sex addiction, affairs, or infidelity.

House or Office Calls

Remember that the primary focus of concierge services is access. If you are in crisis, concierge therapy is an option for you. We can meet you at your home or at your office to provide our services. Whether you need “in the moment” advice on how to contend with a situation in your relationship or life, or you are in an emotional crisis, we can be there to help.

Help for Sexual Dysfunction and Sexual Intimacy

Many require help for sexual dysfunction or intimacy. This may include topics that are difficult to talk about like erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desire, or premature ejaculation. Others are interested in swinging, open relationships, or polyamory. Then there are those who are already in more open relationship styles, but who are struggling with jealousy or trust. We can also help those who are interested in kink and BDSM in their relationships, but who have problems with this. Our concierge services offer a safe, private space to work through sexual intimacy issues.

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    Concierge Therapy in Dallas, TX May 26, 2016