While the Republican political debates heat up, you can’t help but wonder how these people insult each other and then shake hands after it is done. They seem to handle being under a verbal attack with ease. Although we are not sure what is happening internally, we do see that these politicians seem to walk away unscathed. No matter where you stand on the actual politics of what is being debated, you have to admit that these individuals know how to publicly deflect criticism. I hope the following tips can help you respond like a pro when you feel attacked.

1. When you feel verbally under attack by someone else, take some time and determine why you feel attacked. Are they actually trying to attack you or are you taking something out of context?
2. If you do feel that this person is attacking you, take some time before you respond. Responding without having time to think it through will likely lead to further issues.
3. Do you need to respond at all? Pride can be a slippery slope with not a lot to gain in the end. If you are thinking about responding, ask yourself why? If the situation is not likely to change as a result of your confrontation, it may not be worth it. Responding to prove something to other people will likely prove that you are nothing but insecure. 4. Taking the political road, shaking hands and smiling at the end of the day may be your best option.
4. Do not become a doormat. Not responding and being a doormat are not the same thing. If you find that you are in a hostile situation, find a way to get out of it. If it is at work, you might consider looking for another job or talking with your supervisor. If this problem is within your relationship, you might not belong in this relationship anymore.

Remember when you feel attacked to react like a political pro. You can walk away knowing that you appeared as a secure person, and that you can take the emotion out of making a decision about your current situation. If you recognize that a personal attack can only leave scars if you let it, your decision about the next steps to take will be much clearer.


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