When I was 18 years old, I impulsively decided to go to a psychic and have her read my palm. I’m not sure whether or not she is a true psychic or a fraud, but she gave me some advice that I’ll never forget. Before my palm reading, she asked me if I had any questions. Being very naive, I somewhat jokingly asked her if I would be rich one day. She simply answered, “you have nothing to worry about.” At that time, while thinking that money was the most important thing, I wondered “could this mean ‘yes’?”

I don’t know if this person meant to have the impression that she ended up having, but this advice couldn’t be more correct. We spend so much of our time worrying about money, yet only part of the worrying will actually impact the outcome. We can set goals, but some of those we will not reach. However, we have to remember that at the core of our financial situations, we usually will figure it out. I’m not saying that there aren’t extremely stressful situations, nor am I saying that no one is so unfortunate that they would actually have no alternatives should they not get one more pay check. I’m saying that we have to be aware of our own levels of training about money, so that we can best manage the stress associated with it.

It’s impossible to avoid the early training that has conditioned us to believe certain things about the importance of money. We link a great deal of importance to the idea of power that can come from the things that we can buy with it. Sometimes we will tie our level of success to it. This chase for something more is different than goal setting. It’s not achievable.

This isn’t to say that money holds no value at all. Instead, we need to pay attention to what it creates inside of us. Every commercial, every desire to purchase creates an emotion. This emotion may be anxiety over a perceived need. It may be depression over tying success to what you own and how much money you have. Either way, you need to recognize this emotion so that you reassess what you have in your life, what you want, and why.

The most important thing to remember with money is that we can only influence what happens. Like every other part of life, how much money we have, as well as how many things that we own, is out of our control. Like every other aspect of our lives as well, there is no way to find contentment, unless you accept this lack of control. However, for most of us, if all of these things were taken away, we likely will figure it out. And in those times when that is all that we have, it often is all that we needed all along.


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