Weekend Intensive Counseling for Couples

Have you just discovered that you’re partner is dealing with an addiction?

Are you trying to make a change in your life and in your relationship?

Want to get a head start in your recovery?

The Vantage Point Addiction Couples Weekend Intensive can help. Relationships can quickly be thrown into turmoil from the fear, grief, and betrayal associated with an addiction. A lack of trust and broken connection make it difficult to know what to do. It’s hard to know what to discuss and how to talk about it. It’s also difficult to know how to begin rebuilding trust. The Couples Weekend Intensive will help you and your partner create a path to stay away from the addictive behavior, while also helping you both begin the healing process as well.

Whether you’re dealing with a problem with sex addiction or alcohol or drug abuse, we can help.

Our couples intensive is built to help with any of these problems. We have specialized training and experience working with issues of substance abuse and sexually compulsive behavior.  With our skilled training in sex addiction and substance abuse, we’ll provide assessments that can help give you insight into the addiction process, as well as an overview of the problems in your relationship. Addicts will learn more about their problems and how to prevent themselves from engaging in these behaviors in the future. Partners of addictions will learn ways to move through the pain of discovery of an addiction and the loss of trust from betrayal and deceit.

Moving towards hope and trust after a betrayal can be the hardest thing to do.

If you’re dealing with feelings of hostility, pain, grief, or depression, because of your partner’s addiction, the couples intensive can help. Whether you’ve been cheated on, lied to, or made to believe that your partner’s addiction is in your imagination, our intensive program can help you establish and maintain boundaries in your relationship. You’ll receive therapy to help provide trauma first aid for the traumatic effects of an addiction for the partner of an addict.

It’s hard to know what you should and shouldn’t talk about early in recovery. We can help.

Some couples find that they completely shut down and move away from each other. Others find that they struggle with high amounts of conflict. Our team can help both of you identify expectations. We’ll make it so that you will be less likely to have conversations that will further cause relationship damage, pain, and resentment. This is a delicate balance that we can help you find.

At the beginning point of recovery, many people need individual and couples support.

The weekend intensive program combines couples and individual counseling in an innovative way. There is only one couple who participates in each weekend clinic. Couples learn basics about how to communicate in a complicated time, the importance of developing shame resilience, and what early recovery looks like. Partners of addicts will learn ways to cope with the pain that they are experiencing, what to expect from recovery, and how to hold to solid boundaries. Addicts will jump start their recovery by completing in the assessment process, learning about addiction, identifying triggers for relapse, and developing a plan to regain trust.

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Addiction Couples Weekend Intensive in Dallas, TX April 15, 2015