7 Reasons to Cuddle Your Partner ASAP

7 Reasons to Cuddle Your Partner ASAP

Cuddling. It’s not just a cute and tender “Awwww” moment between two teen lover on the Disney Chanel, but it’s actually essential.

Yes! Believe it or not, those few moments on the couch in pajama’s together define your healthy relationship, and just like any vitamin, it needs to be taken daily in order to receive the most benefits.

But if relationship vitality wasn’t enough encouragement to curl up next to your handsome man and gorgeous gal’ then maybe these next 7 reasons just might make you grab a blanket and a spot on the sofa.

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1. Increases Your Happiness

It’s science! Skin-to-skin contact releases endorphins in the brain, which is the neurological chemical that creates happiness. It’s the same reason why people like to hug and kiss, because it makes them feel good and all warn n’ fuzzy inside. However, an extended kiss or hug can be brutally awkward, so resorting to some cuddling for a happy night-in is an instant remedy to turn that frown upside down.


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2. Absolutely Appropriate for Everyone

    Speaking of skin-to-skin, some couples often resort to, eh-hem, others means of physical contact that may not always be fitting or appropriate. Intimacy on that level is powerful to say the least, and can often leave many couples feeling less satisfied and more insecure in each other than before the encounter.
    However, cuddling still sparks that same physical touch that the “no pants dance” creates but still allows all clothes to be on and eliminates any awkward encounters and hurt feelings later on. It’s always more appropriate, less invasive, and harmless.



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3. Personal Portable Heaters

    El Niño is on its way, which means there will be a lot of cold and rainy nights in our near future, but since California is still on a water watch, hot showers and bubble baths won’t be an available way to warm up during a storm. Thankfully, there is always a personal heater near by, and I’m not talking about the monster furnace clanking in the hallway closet.
    Thanks to your trusty cuddle partner, you will never feel the bite of winter again because your cuddler has a constant 98.5-degree temperature to swaddle you with. Not to mention it’s usually free and so much more personable than that ol’ rubber duck in the tub.


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4. A Way to Stay Comfy

    There’s no time like “snuggle time” that calls for extra reasons to be comfy cozy. Not only do you have your beloved, who is absolutely the most snuggly being in town, but you also have an excuse to break out that printed, fleece onesie you got for Christmas last year. Drag out the blankets, prop up the pillows, grab a big ol’ bowl of cookie dough ice cream, and pop in your favorite movie because cuddling is the best excuse to have a decently perfect evening on the couch.



5. A Great Way to Bond

    After years of being together, you may believe there is nothing else to learn about one another, which is why most couples rolling into their tenth year of “togetherness” seldom speak; there seemingly is nothing interesting to say.
    However, snuggling is a pleasing way to push people together and stimulate communication. Nothing says awkward like two inches of space and no conversation, so talking will commence. Cuddling allows for carefree communication and builds relationships; plus, you’ll get to hear those hilarious stories never told before.
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6. Much Better Than a Pillow

    Holding a pillow can only do so much for so long. Eventually, you’ll want a little more personality in your snuggle toy, especially since it gets crusty gross after a few years. Thank heavens your constant cuddler is a laughing, loving, living being full of comfort and ever-changing individuality. Not to mention, you may be just about the only person who gets the privilege to hear that beautiful tune beating in his chest.


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7. It Never Gets Old

    Cuddling is a classic! It never gets old, unlike that cheesy joke he constantly tells or that casserole dinner she makes every week. There’s a reason cuddling has stood the test of time, and it’s because the gesture is always welcomed and constantly cute.


Clearly cuddling is absolutely essential when it comes to a healthy relationship, so don’t skimp! Grab your loved one for some one-on-one relationship therapy time, but if you think your partner is slacking on their snugglin’, or needs a “how to” in proper cuddling techniques, let us know at Vantage Point Counseling by calling us at (214)390-5348 or visiting us online. We are leading experts in relationship therapy and counseling and would love to help you and your loved one get back on track to a strong and joyful lifestyle together.


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