Coping with the Ashley Madison Hack

Coping with the Ashley Madison Hack

The recent hack into Ashley Madison has the potential to destroy and traumatize thousands of people. This can impact both the people who have been cheating or having affairs, as well as those who are in relationships with them. If you’re someone who can be or has been effected by this, this article takes into account things that you should take into consideration.

For those who are in relationships with someone who has been cheating:

This hack is prompting many to come forward and confess to their wives of having been on this site. If you’re in a relationship with someone who has confessed this, you’re left with a burden that can be extremely difficult to navigate through. This information can leave you with serious trauma.

If you’re in this situation, please consider doing the following:

1. Give yourself time and space that you need. It’s important to take care of yourself. If you don’t want to be touched or you need to have some time alone, this is completely fine. Feel free to ask for this.

2. Find support. There is often shame for those who have been betrayed. You might not feel like you can reach out to others. However, support is an extremely important part of moving through this pain. Finding a friend or family member who will not attack this with judgment can make all the difference.

3. Get help. The trauma that this betrayal can leave you with can last for years. Many will feel as though they are moving on, yet the trauma will linger in parts of their lives. Finding a therapist who is trained in trauma can help you regardless of whether or not you want to make your current marriage work.

4. Remember you don’t have to make an immediate decision about your marriage. Many in your situation will feel like they have to make an immediate decision about their marriage. “Should I stay or should I go?” It’s completely fine to be in a place where you just don’t know. Giving yourself permission to not know can take a lot of pressure off of yourself.

For those who have been using the website

Get help to disclose. If you haven’t been asked directly, I strongly recommend seeking out the help of a professional therapist to help you disclose the information of having used this website. This information can be extremely sensitive and traumatic your wife. A professional won’t be able to make it easy, but can help process it in a way that will give your relationship the best chance or moving forward.


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