Many of the clients who I have seen are in a relationship that is full of arguing, drama, and constant stress. All relationships have their struggles, and all long-term relationships are hard work. However there is a certain group of relationships that carries on with this level of stress without end. Oddly, many of the people in these relationships insist on continuing on this way. I think this is largely in part to that fact that they do not realize that they are in this type of relationship, and that there is another way of living. I am writing this to help people better identify if they are in a toxic relationship along with some quick tips to overcome this lifestyle.

Toxic relationships include:

  •   Poor Communication
  •   Mind-Reading
  •   Using Sex as Manipulation
  •   Repeated Snide and Sarcastic Remarks
  •   Nagging
  •   Passive-Aggressiveness
  •   Lack of Trust
  •   Intimidation
  •   Using Money as Power

If you experience these on a daily basis, you are likely in a relationship that would be considered to be toxic. Detoxifying your relationship needs to consist of the following:

  •    Opening up Communication
  •    Setting Clear Expectations
  •    Becoming Close Friends
  •    Being Assertive vs. Aggressive, Passive, or Passive Aggressive
  •    Accepting Differences
  •    Sexual Relation Built on Respect
  •    Stop Assuming

Because of the difficulties people have with identifying that they are in a toxic relationship and the complexity of many of the issues associated with these problems, I highly recommend you seek out a counselor or therapist to help you and your partner improve on these skills.


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