Many adults who have Asperger’s Disorder have gone through much of their lives undiagnosed. This diagnosis is one that has become more common and better screened for over the past few 5-10 years. However, that still leaves a whole generation of adults and some older adolescents that were not diagnosed. Many times these people were considered “odd”, were bullied, and struggled developing relationships, so they shied away from trying to build new social connections. There is more support for this now than ever before. If you are someone who lives with Asperger’s Disorder, know that you can have friendships and relationships with people who will accept you. If you are in a relationship with someone who has Asperger’s Disorder, know that there is support for you as well.

Below is a compiled list of helpful links and resources to help you come to terms with this diagnosis, and learn how to live with it.

Asperger’s Disorder Support Resources:

Unfortunately there are few valid online screening instruments for adults who have Asperger’s Disorder at this time. I will continue to add resources as available.

Asperger’s Screening Tools

Asperger’s Disorder February 16, 2012