Vantage Point provides counseling to clients and families who are dealing with problems related to compulsive gambling. Services provided include assessment and treatment of pathological gambling. This is done through helping clients learn to handle stress and conflict without gambling, rebuild self-esteem, and discover the internal benefits of reaching long-term goals.

Many family members of compulsive gamblers can also benefit from counseling because of the toll taken on the relationship because of repeated lies and a lack of trust. Counseling is also provided to partners and families of pathological gamblers to help with establishing and maintaining boundaries, overcoming angry feelings related to compulsive gambling, and rebuilding healthy relationships.

Clients should consider counseling for gambling if they have experienced any of the following:

  •     Repeated efforts to chase lost debts.
  •     Close friends and family members complaining about your gambling.
  •     Gambling longer than you plan to in a given sitting.
  •     Relationship problems related to gambling.
  •     Spending long periods of time thinking about gambling throughout the day.
  •     Gambling to escape worry, stress, or loneliness.
  •     Gambling that causes problems with your job.
  •     Your partner has threatened or has left you related to gambling.
  •     Feeling of remorse after you have gambled.
  •     Thought of or committed illegal acts to gain money to gamble.
  •     Spent more money than you originally allotted yourself for a sitting.

Treatment at Vantage Point helps compulsive gamblers grieve losses related to gambling such as lost jobs, lost friendships and relationships, and loss of gambling itself. Clients learn to work through stress without using gambling to cope. They also learn to re-establish work-related goals and discover new, healthy ways to have fun.

Therapy for Compulsive and Problem Gambling February 10, 2012