For those who live with depression, finding those resources that can help can be a challenge. First, finding the motivation to do something about these negative feelings can be a problem. Others struggle with identifying what they are dealing with as a form of depression. It is important for people to have a place to go where they can find educational resources, depression screening resources, and information on how to choose their therapist for treating related conditions.

Because of the range of problems that can relate to depression, this list of resources will be updated on an ongoing basis. Continue to check back frequently to find new resources, new information, and other helpful resources to help you overcome your problems with depression. As always, contact me should you have any other questions regarding this information.

Whether you have dealt with lifelong depression, day-to-day pessimism, or grief and sadness relating to a change in your life or a loss, this list of resources can help:



Depression February 19, 2012