Finding Help for Substance Abuse

Finding the right help for a substance abuse problem can be challenging. There are many professionals who offer help for people who are dealing with this serious problem. Psychiatrists can help with medication, then there are counselors and therapists who can help with the therapeutic element of recovery. Then there are support groups, and various therapy groups that also offer help. In this article, we’ll assess all of these options.

Psychiatric Care

Many people who are dealing with substance abuse are also contending with mood and anxiety issues as well. Sometimes the substance abuse has been used to help with these issues, while other times the substance abuse has created these other mental health concerns. A psychiatrist can help with both of these issues. They can help you assess the symptoms that you’re currently dealing with. This can help to further facilitate positive recovery. Research often shows that unaddressed mood issues likely contribute to relapse. Therefore, managing mood symptoms can be important in substance abuse treatment.

Psychiatrists can also help with prescribing medications that can facilitate abstinence. There are several drugs on the market that help people avoid substance use. Psychiatrists can discuss these options with their clients to determine if they might be a good fit.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance abuse therapy can help clients learn about the triggers that lead them to use. It can also help with managing mood problems, as well as past trauma. Clients can learn what types of triggers are most likely to lead to substance abuse. They can also learn about subtle triggers that may lead to future use. Therapists who do the most successful work tend to combine treatment of all of these issues.

There are different levels of treatment. In order to be successful in outpatient therapy, clients need to be able to have extended periods of abstinence from the substance that they are abusing. This time can help them gain perspective on their triggers, as well as step further away from the behavior of using. This can also help them work through issues with shame.

Some people need higher levels of care. Some need more intensive therapy. This is called an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). These people require about 10 hours of therapy in order to remain on their relapse prevention plan, which helps them remain in treatment.

Other clients are unable to remain abstinent in an outpatient setting and need a residential setting. This treatment setting is in a highly structured treatment program. This helps clients stay out of the situations for an extended period of time that are likely to lead to use. They receive intensive therapy throughout the week, and these programs usually last at least 30 days.

Finally, the most severe cases of substance abuse may require detoxification. This often requires medical professionals to oversee the safety of this period. Clients are watched closely, while their bodies move through the detox process. After this is completed, clients are usually referred for ongoing therapy at an appropriate therapeutic level.

Substance Abuse Support Groups

There are several support groups that provide support for those who are dealing with substance abuse issues. The best known groups are 12 step support groups. These include alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous. There are also substance specific groups such as crystal methamphetamine and cocaine anonymous.

There are non-12 step groups that are offered as well. A well-known group that offers such support is SMART Recovery. This support group works towards changing the thinking of people who are struggling with substance abuse. The idea is that as these people change their thinking, they will be better able to manage their behavior and mood.

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