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We specialize in helping people with relationships, sexual health, and self-acceptance.

Whether you’re in a relationship that has been torn apart by lies, deception, or pain associated with an addiction, or you’re simply in a relationship that has lost its spark, we can help. With our specialized training and experience in issues relating to sexual addiction and substance abuse, we’ll help you settle chaos in your relationship by calming down anger and resentment, helping you open up about these very tough issues, and making it so that you can find ways of avoiding unwanted behaviors in the future.

We specialize in helping people deal with the following:

 For those who are in a relationship with someone who is struggling with an addiction, we understand the trauma that can come with this experience.

We’ll provide you with support to help you through this tough time, so that you can again find trust in your relationship, and move forward with your life. We’ll help coach you on how to handle difficult issues where you have to set boundaries, but also help you move through the anxiety, fear, and anger associated with this tough time.

If you’re in a relationship with someone and you have serious troubles getting along, or you get along with few problems, but you just don’t “click”, we can help with this as well. We’ll provide you with assessments of the issues that you’re dealing with to shed light on where you can grow, but to also show you where your strengths are as well. Whether it be serious issues with your sex life, or problematic issues that never seem to improve, we can a build a strategy that can work. By coaching you through your communication problems, you’ll be better able to work out difficult problems that you thought weren’t possible. You’ll also be better able to move towards a relationship where you can feel more connected with each other by identifying and talking about life goals and dreams.

Finally, we help people with self-acceptance. If you’re an individual who is part of the LGBT community, we provide services that are affirming. Whether it be needing help with coming out or identifying and learning more about this part of yourself, we’re hear to provide you with the support you need. From accepting this part of your sexual orientation to accepting a difference in gender identity, we’ll use our experience and training to provide you with the safety that you need.

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Our training and specialties includes:

        • Training in sex addiction from IITAP and Dr. Patrick Carnes.
        • Specific training and licensure in issues relating to substance abuse.
        • Training in Gottman method therapy for couples.
        • Somatic experiencing training for those who are dealing with trauma.
        • EMDR training for help with trauma.
        • Sex therapy training
        • LGBT-Affirming experience and training
        • Training inThe Daring Way™, which is based in Dr. Brené Brown‘s research on Shame and Vulnerability
Counseling Services in Dallas, TX February 8, 2015