At a holiday party this year, my friend jokingly said, “the goal tonight is to find me a rich husband.” I know this was a joke, but this type of thinking crosses all of our minds at times. We are all guilty of losing track of what is important, but you never know what tomorrow will bring.

A few months ago, another one of my friends woke up ready to start her day off like any other normal day. Her husband did not wake up the hour before her like he always had before. He was dead, with no chance of being saved.

In the following weeks, we would be out for lunch, and she talked about all of her financial concerns now that he had passed. How much is money worth? Many times people think that if there was more money in their lives, life would  be better. The fact in this is that life might be easier, but not necessarily better. So many people have made sacrifices for money, and then regret those sacrifices for the rest of their lives.

I have been around many people who are near the end of their lives and I can say I have never heard “I wish I had more money, a bigger house, or more possessions” from these people. At the end of their lives, people recognize the value of friendships, relationships, and their family.

What would you trade for money? After sharing a joke with a friend, having an evening with your partner, or talking to your mother on the phone, money loses its stock quickly.

  1. “Money can’t buy you happiness. But it sure feels better to cry in a brand new Mercedes than in a trailer park.”

    • Money can ease some stress, you are right. And we all like to buy things, I will agree with you on that. Your point is well-taken.

  2. Doesn’t it sort of depend on what it is you’re looking for? You might not be looking for love, you might not be looking for intimacy or anything of that sort. You might not be looking for anything other than someone to act as a provider for you. I wont speculate as to the reasons, but I’ve come across a few people in my time who had economical security always at the forefront of their mind when interacting with others the romantic sense. For those sort of people, perhaps friendship, love, and family are not so important.

    • Dennis, many people stay in relationships for financial reasons, you’re right. Sometimes that seems practical to them at that time. It’s less about what is right and wrong and more about what people want out of their relationship, which is what you are saying… I think. I doubt that these people are genuinely content though.

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