LGBT Related Issues

The issues that the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender individuals contend with are unique. There are problems with homophobia and discrimination that impact all of these groups. There are specific relationship issues that are specific to the each group. The information on this page can help promote self-acceptance, relationship growth, and authenticity.

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Choosing a Gay
Affirming Therapist

choosing day affirmative therapistEvery relationship needs a little counseling and guidance, but finding a gay affirming therapist can be more challenging than you might think. However, there is hope and help for those who need it. With a little assistance and searching, it’s possible to find the perfect person to help you and your partner with your relationship needs.

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Choosing a Trans
Affirming Therapist

choosing transgender affirming therapistFor transgender individuals, finding a therapist who is accepting can be extremely difficult. They often feel lost in a large gap where many therapists are completely uncomfortable¬†and unwilling to work with them versus those who are accepting, but aren’t educated in trans-related issues. This list can help transgender individuals who are considering participation in therapy make a decision about who they should work with.

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coming outOne of the most common and difficult issues that almost all LGBT individuals contend with is the process of coming out. Telling family, friends, and others in your life about your gender identity or sexual orientation is strenuous. There is no one pathway to taking this big step, but seeking the advice before and receiving the acceptance after is possible when given the right process.

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LGBT Community

LGBT community resourcesFacing personal and sexual identity is a difficult task, and it becomes even more of a strain when one believes they have to face it alone. However, there are multiple resources, support groups, and organizations that are perfect in helping those in the LGBT community to gain a sense of inner peace and growth.

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