Spending a Holiday Alone

Spending a Holiday Alone

The holidays are portrayed as a time for family, joy, fun, and celebration. However, not everyone can spend time with their families for various reasons. Some can’t financially afford the trek it might take to visit them. Others are isolated from their families for various reasons. LGBTQ people are sometimes kicked out of their families. Other times they might feel that they don’t belong. Families can also be unsafe for people who aren’t part of the LGBTQ community as well.

The holidays can sometimes feel isolating. The expectations and traditions of the holiday season can make this isolation even more intense.

Here are a few ways to find balance during this season.

  1. Identify your family of choice.Friends are sometimes the ones who are always there for you. They have your back and sit in your support section. Even if it’s not on the holiday itself, stay connected with them. Reach out and find times to reach out.
  2. Remember that you’re worthy of connection.Feeling isolated during the holidays can make people think that they’re unworthy. Break down this myth by reminding yourself that you’re worthy of love and connection.
  3. Make new traditions.You’ll be surprised by how many others will embrace the idea of doing something unique with you during the holidays. Make a new tradition of some kind that can also be a connective experience. It might not be on the holiday, but it could be on the day after, etc.
  4. You might not be as isolated as you think.People will often invite you to their gathering if they know you’re going to spend the holiday alone. Sometimes it can feel shameful to have nowhere to go on the holiday. Be brave, and figure out who you can share this information with.

Obviously, the holidays can be a tough time. The weather changes, the pressures increase, and this time of year can expose some of our vulnerabilities. Be kind to yourself. No one is perfect and handling this time of year. Hardships are human, no matter what time of year they occur.

Traditions can make it seem like things are supposed to happen in a certain way. When we don’t experience things in a way that lives up to these expectations, it really can take a toll on us.

This requires you to recognize your feelings and struggles. Then, you can step back and decide what you want to do about them.


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