Love, Connection, and Relationships for Gay Men

Gay men face challenges that make relationships feel challenging. Self-acceptance and authenticity can also be a challenge when faced with a lack of acceptance from family, church, and work. This group will offer a safe, affirming place for gay men to share their stories, learn ways to manage shame, and build lasting relationships.

This group is facilitated by Phillip McCulley, an LGBTQ expert.

This group will focus on the following:

  • Explore sex and intimacy issues in and outside of committed relationships
  • Explore toxic shame/internalized homophobia as well as other emotional blocks that may be keeping them from making lasting attachments
  • Learn how to meet and keep true friendships
  • Explore what makes gay relationships successful
  • Identify ways to enhance the relationships they are already in

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Love, Connection and Relationships for Gay Men January 21, 2018