Male Sexuality Issues

For men, sex is often correlated with self-esteem and ego. Therefore, there can be a great deal of shame for men who are dealing with sexuality issues. This can make it difficult to talk to medical professionals or partners. There are many sexual issues that men commonly seek out help for. Sex therapy can be helpful for such sexual issues. This article discusses these issues in depth.

Male Sexual Problems

Many men who are dealing with sexual dysfunctions struggle with erectile and ejaculation issues. This can include premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction. This can lead to relationship frustration, and sexual anxiety. These issues can lead to problems maintaining or getting an erection or ejaculating too soon or too delayed. Men seek out sex therapy for these issues to identify sensory triggers, improve on self-esteem, and work with issues of anxiety. As clients gain a better understanding of their feelings of anxiety, they often are able to have sex without the anxiety of such issues.

Sexual Orientation Issues

Some men are gay or bisexual, and they don’t know how to deal with this in their relationship. They seek out a therapist, because they aren’t sure if they should come out to their partner or not. A few will decide to remain in a mixed orientation marriage, even though they are out. While others will come out to their partners, but decide it is best to move on. Sex therapy can help clients identify their own sexual orientation, while finding a path towards authenticity.

Unexpressed Sexual Desire

There are times where people struggle with being open with themselves about their sexual desires. This can be in relationship to fetishes, KINK, BDSM, or polyamory. These people may seek out therapy to gain a personal understanding of their desires. They often also go to therapy to determine if they can openly discuss their desires in their relationships. Sex therapy can help because the client is able to discuss these issues without shame, and gain balance between privacy and open sexual communication.

Low Sexual Desire

We often think of men as constantly sexual. The truth is that many of them struggle to find their feelings of sexuality. Sometimes, this has been a lifelong issue. At other times, it’s a more recent issue. In talking with a sex therapist, clients are able to identify sources of low sexual desire. They can discuss discover sources for this problem, while finding potential solutions.

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