Men’s Sexual Recovery Group

Men who have dealt with sexual traumas such as sexual assault, rape, childhood sexual abuse, and other coercive sexual situations face specific challenges while trying to heal. Although individual therapy is a great tool for healing, group therapy is also a powerful resource for men healing from sexual trauma. Sexual trauma can lead to a lot of shame. Sexual trauma can also make it difficult to establish healthy, connected relationships, establish healthy boundaries, and generally live the kind of life that you want to live.

This sexual recovery group will focus on the following:

  • building coping skills for current stressors and past traumas
  • increasing comfort with sex and relationships.
  • establishing solid boundaries.
  • utilizing mindfulness to manage emotions.

This group is held on Tuesdays from 6:00-7:30 pm and is facilitated by Dr. Michael J. Salas. Contact us today to learn more about this group.

Men’s Sexual Recovery Group March 2, 2022