Relationship Issues

Those who are dealing with relationship issues often need support with couples therapy from a skilled therapist. The information on this page can help you identify the problems that you’re dealing with in your relationship, and take the steps that you need to take so that you can feel connected with your partner. It also contains information for those who are in consensual, non-monogamous relationships.

Relationship Problems

common relationship problemsRelationships are a blessing, but not one is perfect all the time. There are several reasons why couples may have conflicts, but whether the issue is communication to infidelity, most of these problems can be overcome with some guidance. Learn to reconnect after such trials, here, through this resource.

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How Can Couples Therapy Help?

How Can couples therapy help? The goal in couples therapy is to help the couple find a way to stay together, and, although this doesn’t always happen, the odds are much better for couples when they seek out this assistance. This article focuses on the most significant aspects of how this important style of counseling can help a couple heal and enhance their relationship.

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Gay and Lesbian Couples Therapy

couples therapy for gay and lesbian clientsThere are social issues that must be taken into consideration in therapy for lesbian and gay couples. Many have and are dealing with issues in coming out, family acceptance, and social isolation. However, therapy can fully address these anxieties and issues so that individuals or couples can regain confidence in the world.

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Couples Therapy That Works

couples therapy style worksIf you’re in a relationship that is struggling, it is fitting to find a treatment style that will work for your distinct situation and needs. Thankfully there are many therapy options available to couples seeking help, all of which are fully addressed and explained in this article.

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Non-Monogamous Relationships

relationship therapy non-monogamous relationshipsWe have cultural messages conveying that there should be only one person for each of us, and sometimes these ideas reign within the therapy community as well. For those who are Polyamorous, Open, and in Swinging relationships, seeking assistance can be difficult, but thankfully we have all the advice and guidance needed for non-monogamous relationships.

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Starting Couples Counseling

best time choose couples counseling

Every relationship has rough patches where you fight, don’t communicate well, or even withdraw from one another. While these times are normal, and usually pass with an open conversation about your individual feelings, sometimes they can last and hurt. Couple’s counseling is available to rekindle that intimacy and communication.

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