Dallas Abuse Counseling

Abuse is a serious issue that impacts the lives of many. Whether you’re in a relationship or in single, abuse could be something that you contend with. It could be something that you’re currently dealing with, or it could be related to your past. Either way, we’ll help you identify wounds that you’re dealing with, rebuild your boundaries, and move forward in your relationship.

We help people work through abuse that they’ve experienced to promote the following:

  • Improved relationships.
  • Increased happiness.
  • Solid relationship boundaries.
  • Management of addictions.
  • A general sense of connection.
  • Shame resilience.

Emotional and mental abuse are real.

We tend to think of physical and sexual types of abuse. However, mental and emotional abuse are real issues that many people deal with. You can be degraded and torn down in your relationships and life. This isn’t something that you should endure. You deserve healthy relationships.

This could also be childhood neglect. If you were not paid attention to, or your needs went unmet as a child, this can impact you to this day. Therapy can help with this. Through this process, you can realize that you’re worth the time to be paid attention to and connected with.

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Our therapists who specialize in Abuse Therapy

treepic2Michael J. Salas, PsyD, LPC-S, LCDC, CST, CSAT

Heather Henry, LCSW

Dallas Abuse Counseling August 12, 2016