Couples Counseling

Has your relationship lost it’s spark?

Do you feel like you are spending more time fighting than you are connecting?

Are you frequently thinking about leaving?

Couples counseling can help. Whether you and your partner are spending a great deal of your time arguing, if you feel like you want to leave a long-term relationship, if you feel like you might cheat on your partner, or you are cheating on your partner, or if you are coping with your partner cheating on you. Therapy can help your relationship by helping you understand your boundaries and opening up lines of effective communication between you and your partner. No matter if you are in a gay, straight, or lesbian relationship, we can help you deal with the difficult situations that you face, and redevelop your life with your partner.

With our training in betrayal, sex and intimacy, and communication, we can help with some of the most common relationship problems.

You should also consider participating in couples therapy if you are experiencing dissatisfaction in your relationship. Whether you struggle with communicating with your partner, you have problems in your sex life, lack trust in your relationship, or just have an overall feeling that something has changed for the worse, we can help. Together, we will work so that you can understand what leads to toxic relationships and rid your lives of the toxicity that has divided you. Couples therapy can help you identify what you are wanting out of your relationship and how you can communicate this effectively.

Maybe you are coping with an infidelity and do not know if you can trust your partner again. Or maybe you feel lonely and frustrated even though you are in a long-term, committed relationship. We will help you with rebuilding trust in your relationship, improving on your communication problems, and regaining intimacy in your lives. When faced with a loss of trust caused by an infidelity, anger, sadness, and resentment can make it difficult to move forward in a relationship. On the other hand, avoiding taking responsibility, and not knowing how to comfort your loved one can create even a bigger divide. Together we will identify the primary issues that break down your communication, and work with some simple strategies to overcoming these issues. We will identify roles that you play in your family and work together to change these roles to make them more positive for your relationship, rather than the catalyst to a problem. We will also work to understand intimacy and the problems that you deal with in regards to intimacy. Whether this has to do with your sex life, or has more to do with you lacking a feeling of closeness to your partner, we will identify and create approaches to these obstacles, which will help you take small steps toward the intimate life you once had.

It’s never too late to try to work on your relationship. It’s never too early either.

People are often unsure of when they should participate in couples counseling. The truth is that many often wait too long. Many times by the point at which a couple considers participation in counseling or therapy, both parties are so frustrated and tired with their current situation, they are wanting to throw in the towel. You do not have to wait this long to take action. No matter if your relationship is in extreme turmoil, or you are lacking general contentment in your relationship, counseling and therapy can help.

If you have hope, there is hope that your relationship can make not only survive, but it can thrive.

Although the relationship problems that you are currently facing may seem too difficult to overcome, with the right guidance, the problems that you face may still be ones that you can conquer. There may still be hope in rebuilding a trustful, intimate, and sexual life with your partner that you can be content with. If you are in the Dallas area, Call or e-mail us today to set up a consultation to see how therapy can help your relationship.

Call us today if you are looking for a Dallas Couples Therapist, and you want to know how we can help with your problems with anxiety, stress, or fear.

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