Marriage Therapy

Do you need help with romance, intimacy, or passion?

Is your marriage about to end?

Are you looking to give it one last shot before you call it quits?

Marriage can change all relationships, but it can also come with pressure. Building a life, raising children, and aging together all come with their individual challenges. Then there are those unique situations that can make it even more complicated. Cheating, loss of passion, lack of respect, and built up frustration can take their toll.

We are here to help. We have specialized training and experience in helping with the following issues:

  • Struggling sex life
  • Lost sense of passion
  • Recovering from cheating and infidelity
  • Interest in opening up your marriage
  • Arguing and fighting that seems to go nowhere
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Lack of emotional intimacy and connection
  • Substance abuse
  • Sexual addiction

Don’t wait until your relationship falls apart. Therapy can help you now.

Many relationships will feel like their on the brink of falling apart. Unfortunately, many of these couples feel like there is nowhere to go in these situations. We have worked with couples who are dealing with rebuilding trust after a serious betrayal, or those who are struggling to have open discussions with each other. Contact us today to learn ways to work together, and rebuild connection.

Sex in marriage is important, but it’s not always easy to know how to make it a priority.

After being with someone for a long period of time, it can be difficult to maintain a meaningful and fun sex life. This doesn’t have to be a natural, downhill issue. We’ll help you open up with each other and identify ways to develop a sex life that can really work, but that is also fun and enjoyable.

We also can help relationships that are struggling with sexual dysfunction. Whether you’re dealing with pain with sex, erectile dysfunction, or delayed ejaculation, we can help. Our therapists have experience to help you understand these problems, and work through them in a setting that is open and welcoming.

For relationships that are interested in a more open relationship lovestyle, we can help with this as well. We will approach it with a non-judgmental and balanced perspective. This will help to make it so that you can be open, but validate each person’s point of view. Whether you decide to negotiate a style that is more open, or you decide that you’re wanting to remain monogamous, we will help you walk through this, while opening up with partners about your desires.

We offer affirming therapy for gay and lesbian couples.

If you’re marriage is struggling and you’re gay or lesbian, but you want a therapist who is affirming, we can help. We are well known and respected in Dallas as a group who is affirming to the LGBT community. We offer therapy that is focused on client comfort, self-acceptance, and self-worth. We understand that gay and lesbian marriages are not the same as straight marriages. We also understand that gay and lesbian couples deal with a different set of issues that are unique to them.

You won’t have to educate your therapist about these differences. With us, you’ll find a place that understands and validates these experiences.

We know that addictions can impact relationships.

Whether you’re in a relationship that is struggling with a sex or love addiction, or substance abuse, we can help. We have specialized training in intimacy disorders, sex addiction, and substance abuse. We know that relationships take time to rebuild after these complicated issues. We’ll help you get into recovery, work through shame, and increase your communication.

It’s difficult to know how to talk about these serious issues. Together, we’ll work so that the addiction that you’re living with doesn’t feel like a blockade. You’ll know what questions to ask, and how to answer them, without blaming and shaming each other. Again, connection is our goal.

We can help you become friends again.

Many married couples get caught up in their busy, daily lives. They start to forget about the importance of paying attention to each other. This can lead to problems with a lower tolerance of each other. We can help you find that lost connection. You’ll work to rebuild your friendship. This will help you to feel more connected, and hear each other. It can be a process, but one that can change your married life.

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    Marriage Therapy Dallas, TX July 28, 2016