The Importance of Vacation

It is spring break season, and there is no better time to learn how to vacation. This doesn’t sound like a skill that most would have to learn, but it often is just that. While getting caught up in our day-to-day lives, we often forget the importance of taking time to ourselves. Because we can get so busy, we have become used to constant planning, getting little sleep, and over-exertion. All of which can wreak havoc in our minds when it comes to vacationing.

You work to make money like we all do. This can make it difficult to leave your work life behind. Spending money without it necessarily coming back in at the same rate can be unsettling, especially in these challenging economic times. But taking a break is important for us to do. Especially because we are working so hard throughout the year, and have trained ourselves to work extremely hard with little rest.

When we finally do leave our work behind, it can be difficult to overcome the habits that you have developed over the years. The same habits that have likely turned you into a successful business professional can ruin, or at least stress, your vacation. When on a vacation, do you plan? If so, why? You may have special events that you are participating in during your vacation, such as a show or concert. Some planning can help you get a basic idea of some highlight places that you might want to pass through while visiting. However think about avoiding a plan some days as well. Wake up naturally. Keep your phone off and set specific boundaries regarding this. Lie in bed as long as you want. Take advantage of being able to take the day as it comes.

Why would you want to travel to a faraway place and not take full advantage of all of the sightseeing? I agree that experiencing a new place can be exciting. However this may be your best chance of the year to do nothing at all. If that sounds boring to you, you may have forgotten how to do nothing. This is an important skill to learn. If you are a planner, plan in a day where you will keep the phones off and do nothing but relax. When you return home, you’ll find that you are refreshed, able to deal with the stress of your daily life, and more productive in your workplace.


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