Update: This was initially a written response to Dr. Ley and a specific Huffington Post video that he had taken part of. When I initially wrote this article, I was exposed to David Ley’s perspective on sex addiction, and felt it was important to share my perspective on what I believed his perspective could be missing. Although I do not believe that the original article that I wrote was disrespectful, I believe that the dialogue among sex therapists and sex addiction therapists has become divisive and even disrespectful. Therefore, as a result, I have chosen to erase the original article that I had written as to not be part of any further fanning of any flames.

Since having written the original article, I have become certified as a sex therapist. I have also had an opportunity to engage in discussions with David Ley, and have found him to be very willing to both discuss and agree to disagree.

I apologize for this article no longer being here. However, if you would like to read more articles on sex addiction, sexuality, or relationships, please visit our blog.


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