Sexual Dysfunction Information

Sex is an important part to most romantic relationships. For some, however, sex, or the lack of sex, can be a serious issue. This page has relevant information to the problems that many people contend with. These resources can help people identify how sex therapy can help with problematic issues with sex.

Sexual Issues for Men

sexual issues menFor men, sex is often correlated with self-esteem and ego. Therefore, there can be a great deal of shame for men who are dealing with sexuality issues. This can make it difficult to talk to medical professionals or partners. Luckily, sex therapy can be helpful for such issues.

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Sexuality Issues for Women

sexuality issues womenSexual appeal is different between men and women. Females, though it’s typically socially undermined, often deal with issues regarding sexual satisfaction, pleasure, and desire as well. Specialized therapy can help support women who are facing such intimate problems.

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