I believe in the equal and equitable value and worth of all people and I am attuned to the inherent power differences between client and therapist as these arise in the therapeutic relationship. I make a concerted effort to motivate, facilitate, and affirm your life’s choices. Each person’s right to conform or to be non-conforming, and to choose traditional or non-traditional identities, roles and families is acknowledged and respected.

Societal attitudes and biases can negatively influence a person’s self-esteem and limit opportunities, resulting in a sense of powerlessness, shame, displacement, and isolation. An important aspect of feminine therapy is defining core values that support a client’s self-esteem and growth through empowerment. This occurs in couple, family and group therapy work as well. As harmful beliefs and judgments are identified, and feelings of anger and disappointment are worked through, greater self-confidence, acceptance and satisfaction in life are experienced both personally and in relationships.


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