PTSD Therapy

Whether you’re a veteran, natural disaster survivor, cancer survivor, or an abuse survivor, we can help. We have specialized training in therapeutic approaches to help people who are dealing with trauma. Our experience will help you not only survive with such issues, but thrive as well.

Symptoms of PTSD can make it difficult to build solid relationships. It can also make it so you avoid situations that you once felt safe within. You might also be dealing with relationship issues, anger, problems in your sex life, and difficulties in social situations. These things are all common effects of trauma.

We understand that trauma is natural response to unnatural events.

As humans, we have to process through things. This can make us loop or even feel stuck in a pattern of behavior or thought. You can feel regularly stressed out, angry, and even depressed.

When you have been through a traumatic event, information can struggle to be processed through. This can leave the trauma trapped in your mind and body. We help people release this trauma to restore their mind and body to a regulated state.

We specialize in helping people with trauma that is associated with the following:

  • Childhood abuse and neglect
  • Sexual abuse
  • Rape
  • Cancer survivorship
  • Emotional abuse
  • Infidelity betrayal trauma
  • Car accidents
  • War
  • Natural Disasters

Whether it’s a one time traumatic event, or multiple events, we can help you process through this.

We know that trauma and PTSD is different for everyone. You have a unique story to work through, and we respect that. Sometimes this story is a narrative, while other times your have to process through physiological response. Either way, we will work through this with you in a way that can help you cope.

Trauma therapy can help you rebuild your relationships.

One of the biggest symptoms of PTSD is relationship issues. Romance, sex, and connection are common problems in relationships where there is trauma. There can also be more intense situations like addiction, substance abuse, and domestic violence. No matter what your situation is, we can help to rediscover balance, rebuild trust, and open doors of intimacy.

We have specialized training in renowned treatment approaches for trauma such as somatic experiencing, EMDR, and Post Induction Therapy.

These approaches are well known for their ability to help people naturally work through their trauma by increasing mindfulness. They also help information that may be stuck or blocked move through. This is done by utilizing approaches developed by Peter Levine, Francine Shapiro, and Pia Mellody.

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