Whether You're Feeling Disconnected Or Struggling In Your Sex Life, Dealing With An Addiction, Or Trying To Heal From Trauma, It's So Hard To Ask For Help.

Rebuild a better relationship with yourself.


Create better connections with others.


We can help you heal from your past to build the life and relationships you want to have.

If you’re here, the following may describe your situation:

  • You’re in a relationship that has dealt with a lot of betrayal, cheating or affairs and you’re trying to figure out what to do next.
  • You’re dealing with sexual issues that are preventing you from having the types of connections and relationships that you want to have.
  • You’re dealing with an addiction and want to make a change.
  • You’re in a relationship that has lost its sense of connection or intimacy.
  • You’re dealing with a lot of anxiety or depression that keeps you from living the kind of life that you want to live.
  • You’re looking for an affirming place as an LGBTQ+, polyamorous, or kinky person to discuss life, relationships, trauma, sex, and boundaries.

What Sets Our Sex Therapy Services Apart?

Want to read more about our sex therapy services?

Ever read information from “sexperts” and feel more confused about who can help you?

Whether you’re dealing with an addiction to sex or porn, you’re dealing with a sexual problem or dysfunction, your relationship needs help, we’ll place you in the center of your process.

We offer a sex positive approach that helps you learn about yourself, your personal and sexual boundaries, your relationship goals, and your definitions of a healthy, balanced, and connected sex-life.

You’re an individual. Your relationships are unique. This is why cookie cutter programs don’t work! We’re going to work in a way that puts you at the center of your own process, recovery, and/or journey.

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Sex, Relationship, and Individual Problems That We Help With

Sexual Dysfunctions

If you’re dealing with performance issues such as delayed or early ejaculation or erectile dysfunctions. We also work with people who are avoiding sex altogether or those who are experiencing pain with sex. 

Learn more about our sex therapy services

Sexual Addiction

Whether it’s cheating, problems with pornography use, or other compulsive sexual behaviors, we can help you manage your behaviors and heal yourself and your relationships. 

Learn more about our sex addiction therapy services. 

Couples and Relationship Issues

We offer therapy for couples and those who are in relationships who are struggling with communication and connection. Our services are poly and kink aware and friendly. 

Learn more about our relationship therapy services. 


You may have traumas that you identify as major or minor. We specialize in working with trauma by helping you understand the past and how it impacts your present life and relationships. 

Learn more about our trauma therapy services. 

Our Specialty Therapy Services

Sex Therapy

We have certified sex therapists as well as therapists who have received specialized training in sexual therapy to help you open up about your issues, and identify ways to sexually connect with others in a pleasurable and enjoyable way. 

Learn more about our sex therapy services

EMDR Therapy

We have therapists who have specialized training in EMDR therapy to help you get through the feelings that are making you feel stuck.

Learn more about our EMDR services. 

Somatic Experiencing Therapy

We have therapists who are trained in Somatic Experiencing to help you learn about how your body can lead to the problematic symptoms you’re dealing with. 

Learn more about our somatic experiencing therapy. 

Sex Addiction Therapy

Sex addiction is a controversial topic. We focus on a sex positive approach to finding balance, healing from shame and relationship damage, and also rebuilding intimacy. 

Learn more about our sex addiction services. 

Relationship Therapy

We focus on helping couples improve on communication, heal from past betrayal and wounds, and enhance their intimacy and connection.

Learn more about our couples and relationship therapy services.