About Vantage Point Counseling

If you’re in Dallas and you’re looking for a therapist to help you with problems relating to substance abuse, sex addiction, sexual dysfunction relationship problems, and trauma, we can help. With our specialized training in sex addiction and professional backgrounds and professional licensing in substance abuse, we provide a comprehensive approach to helping people with addictions. We understand recovery, how difficult that it can be and how brave it is for you to address these issues. We can help you assess the problem that you’re having with sexual behavior, drugs, or alcohol, and create a plan to help you manage the behaviors, regain trust in your relationships, and rebuild your life.

We also have specialized training in working with issues of sexual dysfunction. This includes erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and other “performance issues”. We also can help for people who have low sexual desire and pain with sex. Sexual intimacy can enhance or hurt a romantic relationship. With our experience, we can help you with these challenges.

We also specialize in helping people with relationships. Whether your relationship is dealing with an infidelity, you struggle with communication, or it’s just lost its spark, we can help. Our therapists have specialized training in helping you work on trust, identify the specific problems that you’re facing, and create solutions in a way that can work.

We can also help you with sexual problems in your relationship. All of our therapists are LGBT affirming. We provide counseling that helps people embrace and accept themselves. Whether it be in individual therapy or couples therapy, we have a deep understanding of issues that are specific to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender individuals, and for those who are questioning this as well.

If you’re looking for a counselor or therapist to help you in the Dallas area, please contact us today to set up an appointment.

We also encourage you to check out our blog. Here, you’ll find information regarding relationships, shame, vulnerability, trust, and addictions.

Our Therapist Team:

RJ Sauceda, MA, LPC-Associate

Under the Supervision of Dr. Michael Salas

Jade Davies, MA, LPC-Associate

Under the Supervision of Dr. Michael Salas

luis hernandez

Luis Herandez, MA, LPC-Associate

Under the Supervision of Dr. Michael Salas

Caroline Rucker, MS, LMFT-Associate

Under the Supervision of Shameela Keshavjee, MS, LMFT-S, PLLC


About Vantage Point Counseling February 10, 2012