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Helping Texans Navigate Through their Sexual Issues

If sexual dysfunctions, pain with sex, or low sexual desire are causing problems in your relationship or making you less confident, we can help. You don’t have to figure out how to manage these issues alone. Our therapists are here to help you identify the barriers that keep you from having the sex life you deserve.

We help couples and individuals explore diminished sexual desire, sexual frustration and disconnection, and other problems with sex and intimacy.

Contact us today to start your journey towards sexual reconnection, pleasure, and freedom.

Sex Therapy Areas Of Expertise

If you’re in a relationship where sex and intimacy continue to be ongoing problems, we can help. Whether it’s a problem with sexual desire, accepting your sexual orientation, coping with past sexual trauma, or pain during sex, our sex therapy services can help you find solutions, even in situations that you’ve felt were impossible to change.

Our areas of specialization include treating the following:

Are you wanting to enhance your sexual relationship without judgment?

We have specialized training to help you and your partner or spouse identify the problems that you’re experiencing with sex in your relationship, and better communicate about your sex in your lives. We understand that sex is more than just about physical stimulation. We also pride ourselves on making our sessions a place that makes talk about sex as easy as possible. We’ll push you when you need it, but support you when you need that as well. Call us today to learn more about how we can help.

We respect that talking about sexual issues and sexual desires can be intimidating.

Sex complex and deeply personal. Whether you’re looking for help with performance issues, sexual desire that you’re uncomfortable with, or taboo sexual topics, we will help you process this in a way that helps you figure out what it is that you want, and the best way to discuss this in your relationship.

there is hope for Pain Free Sex.

Sex therapy can help you and your partner when pain is preventing you from having intercourse. Pain during intercourse can be a problem for many women. A sex therapist can help you create a plan to work through anxiety of having pain, along with working through the pain itself. With time, you’ll be able to enjoy sex along with your partner, rather having anxiety and frustration about the pain that has been happening all of this time.

Dallas Sexual Performance Anxiety Therapy

Depression and anxiety are highly associated with all sexual problems. It can be difficult to identify if your anxiety is caused by your sexual issues or if your anxiety is the root cause of the problems you’re facing. We can help you identify the role that your mood and emotions play in your sexual performance issues and help you come up with strategies to ease your anxiety while also helping you have a more enjoyable sex life.

Gay-affirming sex therapy

Sex therapy can also help gay men who are dealing with pain during intercourse as well. Talking about sex in such a way can be extremely intimidating. Knowing that your therapist is gay-affirming is extremely important. Working with a sex therapist can help you ease through anxiety of pain, identify probable sources of pain, and work your way to pain-free sex with your partner.

Erectile Dysfunction Therapy and Delayed Ejaculation and Premature Ejaculation Treatment in Dallas

Sexual Dysfunction can cause personal and relationship stress and shame. We can help.

For men who contend with these issues, creating a satisfying sexual relationship can seem like an impossible goal. We can help you identify the sources of your sexual problems and move closer and closer to sexual contentment in a way that you hadn’t previously thought possible. By using sexual and non-sexual therapeutic interventions, we can help. Whether it be premature or delayed ejaculation or an inability to maintain an erection at all.

Couples Sex Therapy

A lack of sexual desire doesn’t mean that you have no hope of having an enjoyable sex life.

A lack of sexual desire can be frustrating and even depressing. Sex is an integral part to most romantic relationships. Sex therapy can help you uncover the causes of your lack of sexual desire, and help you find enjoyment in sex that you had lost hope for. Whether you’ve lost desire that you once had, or you’re trying to find desire that never has existed for you, we can help.

Highly Trained Sexuality Professionals for Texas

We have therapists on our team who have specialized training from AASECT and IITAP. These organizations focus on training therapists to help people with their sexuality, sexual dysfunctions, and sexual addictions. Contact us today to learn more about how our specialized experience can help. If you’re not in the Dallas or North Texas area, we offer distance sex therapy for Texasas well. Feel free to contact us about our online counseling services.

Our Dallas Sex Therapy Team

Dr. Michael J. Salas

Certified Sex Therapist and sex addiction therapist who specializes in men's sexual dysfunctions, sexual compulsivity, & trauma therapy. Dr. Michael Salas is an LGBTQ+ affirming therapist, a kink aware therapist, and a consensual non-monogamy affirming therapist.

Phillip McCulley

Certified Sex Addiction Therapist who specializes in couples and marriage therapy, gay and lesbian affirming therapy, gender affirming care, and men's sexual dysfunctions.

Heather Henry

Therapist who specializes in sexual trauma treatment, betrayal trauma therapy, gender care, affirming therapy, and women's sexual issues.

Luis Hernandez

Specializes in helping with men's sexual dysfunctions, offering gay and lesbian affirming therapy, supporting with gender care and transitions, and working with BIPOC related stress.

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