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What Can We Help With?
Sex Addiction
Sexual Intimacy Issues
Relationship Problems
Trauma Therapy

Dallas Therapists for Addictions and Relationship Issues

Rebuild trust, enhance love, create connection.

Contact us if you're dealing with the following:
Sexual Compulsivity or Compulsive Porn Use
Sexual dysfunction or Sexual Frustration
Relationship and Trust Issues
Trauma resolution

All of our services are LGBT affirming.

We help those who are struggling with self-acceptance, fear of coming out, and shame.
We are also affirming to those who are in non-traditional, or more open relationships by offering a non-judgmental, open perspective.

Meet Our Team

Chemical Dependency Counselor in Dallas

Zach Ramsey, MS, LPC-Intern, LCDC, CSAT-C

Supervisor-Shelly Turner, LPC-S #15450

Ian Hammonds, MS, LPC-Intern
Supervisor-Michael Salas, LPC-S

Our training and credentials include:
Certified Sex Addiction Therapist trained
Certified Sex Therapist trained
EMDR trained
Somatic Experiencing trained
Gottman Couples Therapy experience
Daring Way™ trained
Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors
Post-Induction Therapy trained

Featured Dallas Therapy Programs

We offer group therapy and workshops that can help you work through the recovery process, become resilient to shame, and prevent future relapses. Learn more about how our therapy groups can help you rebuild trust and connection, and buffer your recovery.

mens sex addiction group
early men's recovery group
partners of sex addicts groups
the daring way

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  • Can Sex Ever Be Good Enough?
    Can Sex Ever Be Good Enough?
    March 21, 2017 by
    Can Sex Ever Be Good Enough? Last Friday, Phillip McCulley and I had a chance to participate in a training offered by Barry McCarthy. McCarthy is a well-known sex therapist, who offers training on different approaches that can help with sexual dysfunction. In this coursework, McCarthy talked about a concept...
  • Cancer and the Aftereffects
    Cancer and the Aftereffects
    March 15, 2017 by
    Cancer and the Aftereffects The impact of cancer can last for years after the actual diagnosis. This can impact your self-esteem, your relationships, and sexuality. It can increase a feeling of vulnerability, relating to a sense of being out of control. Every year, thousands are diagnosed. Despite this, the experience...
  • Sexual Compulsivity and What Makes Sense to You
    Sexual Compulsivity and What Makes Sense to You
    March 8, 2017 by
    Sexual Compulsivity and What Makes Sense to You In this video, Michael Salas talks about personal considerations that you need to make regarding sexual compulsivity. Because opinions can differ greatly within the therapy community, it can be confusing to figure out what path you should go on. Here are considerations...
  • The Power of Accepting Influence
    The Power of Accepting Influence
    February 28, 2017 by
    The Power of Accepting Influence Relationship therapists and experts John and Julie Gottman utilize a concept of healthy relationships that is based on their research. One of the areas that can either enhance a relationship or decrease closeness in a relationship is the acceptance of influence from a partner. In...
  • Taking Steps to Connect Is All About Accepting Fear
    Taking Steps to Connect Is All About Accepting Fear
    February 15, 2017 by
    Taking Steps to Connect Is All About Accepting Fear I recently came across a request from a journalist who was asking for ways that people can be “fearless” when trying to connect or make changes in their lives. It’s understandable to want to erase fear from your life when stepping...