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Sex Therapy and Substance Abuse Counseling in Dallas, TX

Whether you're in a relationship that is struggling, or you're dealing with a personal struggle of your own, we can help. We can provide support, compassion, and insight in times where it can seem like there is no hope at all. With our experience and training, we can help you with problems with sex addiction and compulsivity, and the trauma that can come with being in a relationship with someone who is struggling with these issues. If you've cheated on your partner multiple times, had multiple affairs, or you're choosing pornography and chatting over having sex with your partner, we'll help you learn to manage your behaviors and get your life and relationship where you want it to be.

We can also help if you're dealing with an issue with alcohol and drugs. We recognize the shame that can come with alcohol or drug abuse. By helping you identify how this has become a problem in your life, you'll be able to reach goals in your life and regain trust that you've lost in your relationship and in yourself. We understand that taking the step of contacting a counselor is not easy, and we respect the courage it takes to reach out to us.

If you're in a relationship that is struggling to reach it's full potential because of problems with communication, intimacy, romance, or sex, we can help with this as well. Whether it's a problem with performance, or just a lack of intimacy altogether, we will use our training and experience to provide you with a place to grow together and create the kind of intimate relationship that you've always wanted.

Our Featured Programs:
Men's Sex Addiction Group
Dealing with problems related to sex addiction can leave you feeling isolated and alone. The shame that can accompany this addiction can be overwhelming. It's important to have a safe place where you learn that you're not the only one who is facing the situations that you're currently facing.
Love & Relationship Addiction Group

This group can help you find a kind of love that is fulfilling, genuine, and safe. This group will help you explore patterns that have caused problems in your relationships and in your life. You'll find the balance between intensity and emptiness, with a group that understands the issues that you're working through.

Partners of Sex Addicts Group
This group helps with feelings of distrust, treason, and betrayal. This relationship helps with moving through grief and trauma. It also helps people maintain identify and maintain boundaries so that they don’t end up in this situation again.
Shame and Vulnerability Group
Shame and vulnerability are extremely important elements in working through relationship issues, issues with trust, comfort with sexuality, and addiction recovery. The Shame and Vulnerability group is an experiential group that utilizes The Daring Way™, which is based on the research of Dr. Brenè Brown.