Dallas Therapists for Addictions, Trauma, and Relationship Issues

Rebuild trust, enhance love, create connection.

Contact us if you’re dealing with the following:
Sexual Compulsivity or Compulsive Porn Use
Sexual dysfunction or Sexual Frustration
Relationship and Communication Issues

Lost Hope, Trust, and Connection as a Partner of an Addict
Trauma Resolution

All of our services are LGBT affirming.

We help those who are struggling with self-acceptance, fear of coming out, and shame.
We are also affirming to those who are in non-traditional, or more open relationships by offering a non-judgmental, open perspective.

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    Meet Our Team

    Josefina Sierra, LPC-Associate

    Supervised by Dr. Yu-Fen Lin, PhD, LPC-Supervisor

    Our training and credentials include:
    Certified Sex Addiction Therapist trained
    Certified Sex Therapist trained
    EMDR trained
    Somatic Experiencing trained
    Gottman Couples Therapy experience
    Daring Way™ trained
    Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors
    Post-Induction Therapy trained
    Certified Partner of Sex Addict Trauma Specialist Trained

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      The Cost of Machismo and Marianismo
      September 3, 2021 by
      The Cost of Machismo and Marianismo While gender stereotypes are not new topics, Latinx individuals face a nuanced experience of what it means to “fit in” to their respective gender identity. Latinx women are socialized throughmarianismo to exemplify “virginal” attributes, family-first mentality, and self-sacrifice. Latinx men socialized through machismo tend to subscribe...
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      Making Goals from the Inside Out
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      Making Goals from the Inside Out It’s pretty common when people come into therapy that there is a struggle for clients to identify what their goals are. Whether it’s goals for therapy or life goals in general, it’s impossible to avoid being influenced by information and people who surround us....
    • Contending with Porn Addiction
      Contending with Porn Addiction
      July 16, 2021 by
      Contending with Porn Addiction Last year was a remarkably controversial and loaded year as we talk about porn addiction. The topic of porn addiction is already a loaded and heated topic. Extreme opinions argue whether this problem exists or not. However, in the last year, we saw more people than...
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      The Messiness of Mistakes
      June 8, 2021 by
      The Messiness of Mistakes Mistakes… we all make them right? They’re only human right?  So then why are they so difficult for us to deal with. Whether it’s us beating ourselves up for making them or it’s struggling to handle it when someone else makes them, many of us struggle...
    • Why Is Sex So Difficult to Talk About?
      Why Is Sex So Difficult to Talk About?
      May 12, 2021 by
      Why Is Sex So Difficult to Talk About? I see it time and again in sex therapy. One of the biggest barriers to having a fulfilling sex life is being able to open up and talk about sex. This is sometimes about communication and problems with communication in the relationship....