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What Can We Help With?
Sex Addiction
Sexual Intimacy Issues
Relationship Problems
Trauma Therapy

Dallas Therapists for Addictions and Relationship Issues

Rebuild trust, enhance love, create connection.

Contact us if you’re dealing with the following:
Sexual Compulsivity or Compulsive Porn Use
Sexual dysfunction or Sexual Frustration
Relationship and Communication Issues

Lost Hope, Trust, and Connection as a Partner of an Addict
Trauma Resolution

All of our services are LGBT affirming.

We help those who are struggling with self-acceptance, fear of coming out, and shame.
We are also affirming to those who are in non-traditional, or more open relationships by offering a non-judgmental, open perspective.

Meet Our Team

Ian Hammonds, MS, LMFT-Associate, LPC-Intern

Supervisor-Michael Salas, LPC-S

Our training and credentials include:
Certified Sex Addiction Therapist trained
Certified Sex Therapist trained
EMDR trained
Somatic Experiencing trained
Gottman Couples Therapy experience
Daring Way™ trained
Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors
Post-Induction Therapy trained
Certified Partner of Sex Addict Trauma Specialist Trained

Featured Dallas Therapy Programs

We offer group therapy and workshops that can help you work through the recovery process, become resilient to shame, and prevent future relapses. Learn more about how our therapy groups can help you rebuild trust and connection, and buffer your recovery.

mens sex addiction group
early men's recovery group
partners of sex addicts groups
the daring way

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  • Transgender Care and Trauma
    Transgender Care and Trauma
    June 19, 2017 by
    Transgender Care and Trauma There are many assumptions that many people in the general population have about those who are in the transgender community. Unfortunately, many of these assumptions can come into the therapy process as well. One of these assumptions involves trauma and gender identity outside of a cisgender...
  • 4 Ways Sex Therapy Can Help With Erectile Dysfunction
    4 Ways Sex Therapy Can Help With Erectile Dysfunction
    June 6, 2017 by
    4 Ways Sex Therapy Can Help With Erectile Dysfunction For men who contend with Erectile Dysfunction (ED), this problem can cause serious shame and stress. For some it leads to relationship problems. For others, it can lead to serious anxiety surrounding sex. Therapy can help work with the body in...
  • Finding the Positives for Reprieve
    Finding the Positives for Reprieve
    May 31, 2017 by
    Finding the Positives for Reprieve Inside and outside of the therapy office, I see many people struggle to find the positives. We’re a little hardwired to tap into the negatives around us. Our systems are built to protect us. This can mean staying out of situations that can lead to...
  • 7 Things to Remember When You're Sick
    7 Things to Remember When You’re Sick
    May 27, 2017 by
    7 Things to Remember When We’re Sick Don’t let anyone tell you that there is no shame in being sick. That’s simply not true. We may feel sadness, sympathy, empathy, or hurt for those who are dealing with illness. When it comes to ourselves being sick, we are not usually...
  • Heteronormativity: What It Is and How It Affects You
    Heteronormativity: What It Is and How It Affects You
    May 9, 2017 by
    Heteronormativity: What It Is and How It Affects You As both an affirmative and a systemic therapist, I hold a high value in not assuming any of my clients’ personal struggles with family, relationships, or individual issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, or loss. This means that I do not...