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What Can We Help With?
Sex Addiction
Sexual Intimacy Issues
Relationship Problems
Trauma Therapy
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Dallas Therapists for Addictions, Trauma, and Relationship Issues

Rebuild trust, enhance love, create connection.

Contact us if you’re dealing with the following:
Sexual Compulsivity or Compulsive Porn Use
Sexual dysfunction or Sexual Frustration
Relationship and Communication Issues

Lost Hope, Trust, and Connection as a Partner of an Addict
Trauma Resolution

All of our services are LGBT affirming.

We help those who are struggling with self-acceptance, fear of coming out, and shame.
We are also affirming to those who are in non-traditional, or more open relationships by offering a non-judgmental, open perspective.

Meet Our Team

James West, MS, LPC-Intern

Supervisor- Michael Salas

Aydrelle Collins, MS, LPC-Intern

Supervised by Michael Salas, MA, LPC-S

Our training and credentials include:
Certified Sex Addiction Therapist trained
Certified Sex Therapist trained
EMDR trained
Somatic Experiencing trained
Gottman Couples Therapy experience
Daring Way™ trained
Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors
Post-Induction Therapy trained
Certified Partner of Sex Addict Trauma Specialist Trained

From Our Therapy Blog

  • The Porn Addiction “Fix” Illusion
    August 31, 2020 by
    The Porn Addiction “Fix” Illusion Almost every time I am working with a client who has a porn addiction or who is dealing with a compulsive pornography problem, they contend with an illusion. There is a belief that if they stop viewing pornography, then they will start to feel better...
  • The Meaning Under the Surface and How it Prevents You from Reaching Your Goals
    August 19, 2020 by
    The Meaning Under the Surface and How it Prevents You from Reaching Your Goals Whether you’re aware of it or not, there is meaning that follows you around. It’s meaning about yourself. It impacts the decisions you make and the relationships that you’re in. However, we’re not always aware of...
  • Finding Your Calm When You’re Vulnerable
    August 3, 2020 by
    Finding Your Calm When You’re Vulnerable There is no doubt about it. The last few months have been some of the most intense that we’ve experienced. Our climate and the coronavirus situation have made it difficult to feel calm. In some situations, we actually have no reason to feel calm....
  • Emotions and Logic: Getting Them to Work Together
    July 13, 2020 by
    Emotions and Logic: Getting them to Work Together  Did you know it’s difficult and sometimes impossible to experience intense anger, sadness, or anxiety and think logically at the same time? I’m not saying that you’re not responsible for your actions. In fact, it’s that responsibility that often leads people to...
  • The Biggest Myth about Sex Therapy
    June 15, 2020 by
    The Biggest Myth about Sex Therapy It can be difficult to identify what actually happens in sex therapy. I get a range of questions about sex therapy each week. Some ask if sex therapy is something like sex surrogacy (it’s not). Others wonder if you’ll be given just a few...

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