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Through participation in a group therapy with people who are dealing with similar issues, fears, and underlying problems, you can process through situations in your life, recognize that you’re not alone in the situation you’re in, and receive feedback to help you reach your goals. If you’re participating in individual counseling or therapy with another therapist, you may still be able to participate in one of these groups, with the approval of your current therapist.

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Men’s Early Sex Addiction Recovery

Early sex addiction recovery comes with its own challenges. This group can help you take steps to increase trust, while walking through difficult times. It can also help you to identify triggers that you might not recognize, as well as learn how to manage ones that you do recognize. This group utilizes The Recovery Start Kit, which was developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes. It is facilitated by Zach Ramsey. Contact us today to get more information about this group.

When: Tuesday Evenings from 6-7:30 pm

Shame and Vulnerability Group

Shame and vulnerability make it difficult to connect with others, and live a wholehearted life. The Shame and Vulnerability Group utilizes the The Daring Way™, and Rising Strong™, two highly experiential programs, which based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. Whether you’re struggling with intimacy, trust, or personal shame, these groups may be able to help. Don’t miss your opportunity to participate in this group. Call today to join the next group.

What is The Daring Way

The Daring Way™ is a curriculum that is based on the research of Dr. Brenè Brown, who is a Houston based researcher who has gained respect for her research on Shame and Vulnerability. It gives clients the opportunity to learn about personal barriers to authenticity and connection in our lives. As a Daring Way Facilitator Candidate, I utilize this program to help you learn about what in your life makes you go unseen and unnoticed. This sense of not being seen or heard could be in your relationships, at work, or in your friendships.

Next group: March 2023

This group is facilitated by Michael Salas, who is certified in The Daring Way™.

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The other large focus of our work utilizing this program is in identifying how powerful shame can be in our lives, and moving towards more authenticity. Many people don’t recognize how powerful shame can be, and this curriculum can help to identify that you’re not alone in having it, nor are you alone in having it be a powerful force that can keep you from being who you want to be.

The Daring Way™ can be very effective in helping people who are dealing with sex addiction, alcohol and drug abuse, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues, because it can help you to learn when these issues are in response to shame and discomfort with vulnerability.

If you’re in the Dallas area, and you’d like to learn how to enhance your relationships, build better connections, and learn to feel more seen and heard in your life, contact me now to learn how I can help.

Therapy GroupsFebruary 20, 2013