Marital and partner problems can happen for a variety of reasons. If you are in long-term relationship, you may be dealing with problems maintaining an interesting sex-life. Some people have difficulties making time for sex. Others feel less attracted to their partners than they once did.

There can also be communication problems such as aggressive or passive-aggressive styles of communication. You or your partner may make hurtful comments towards each other. You may struggle to communicate your needs to your partner, or have difficulties understanding what your partner is communicating to you. This can lead to toxic stress in the relationship. Over time, this stress can slowly unravel your ability to manage discussions in a civil way.

Some relationships suffer from balancing busy work-lives and busy family lives. You or your partner may have difficulties setting boundaries with your workplace, which impacts your relationship. You may also struggle with making time for yourselves if you have children. In these situations, the relationship can become lost in the business of everyday life. Making sure that you have time alone with each other can seem impossible. It doesn’t have to be.

Couples can also struggle in their relationship with how to deal with other family members. You might have problems with your partner because you do not agree on how to deal with your children. You might also be struggling because you do not know how to deal with your in-laws. Either way, couples counseling can help you with your boundaries, and how to deal with your concerns without creating a war with your partner.

In more difficult situations, you or your partner may be dealing with abuse. If you have an anger problem, and you are worried that you will lose your family or partner, counseling could help you deal with this, so that you can deal with your relationship. If you are the victim of abuse, counseling can help you establish and maintain boundaries to keep yourself and your family safe, but also to work on your relationship, if it is something that can be saved.

Finally, couples therapy can help couples deal with infidelities. Many times after an affair has taken place, trust can be an issue. Because there is a fear of vulnerability, sex can also be an issue. Meeting with a couples counselor can help you with learning when and how to trust again, re-open the doors to your sex-life, and communicate how you could benefit from reassurance.

If you are living with any of the following problems, you may want to consider seeking help from counselor:

  • Communication Problems
  • Co-Dependence
  • Adolescent or Child Behaviors
  • Coping with a New Family Member
  • Repeated Arguing
  • Poor Sex Life
  • Boundary Problems
  • Unequal Balance of Household Chores and Work
  • Domestic Violence
  • Lack of Trust
  • Daily Thoughts of Wanting to Leave
  • Feelings of Resentment

Couples Therapy at Vantage Point can help those in the Dallas area deal with problems including helping family members understand current roles and problems associated with these roles. Old dysfunctional roles are re-examined with plans to overcome them. Communication difficulties are assessed and demystified. Anger issues are addressed and boundaries are identified. Individuals are encouraged to take responsibility for their own thoughts, feelings, and behavior, but to empathize with their partner’s feelings as well. Finally, couples are encouraged to refocus attention onto each others strengths and utilize these to help with others’ weaknesses.


Therapy for Couples October 1, 2011