Avoid “Roommate Syndrome” 7 Ways to Keep the Romance Alive

Avoid “Roommate Syndrome” 7 Ways to Keep the Romance Alive

Between chores, the kids, commuting, and work, romance often gets pushed to the back burner. Before you know it, you’re starting to let little things get to you or you’re feeling unappreciated. Where did that spark go?

Living with the person you love shouldn’t feel like having a roommate.

Read on for seven great tips to help you keep the romance alive!

1. Spend uninterrupted time together

You may think you’re doing a pretty decent job of spending time together…After all, you eat dinner together and then sit together on the sofa most evenings, right? But being in close proximity and actually being close are two different things. Are you being present and focusing on each other? Or are you both browsing the internet on your tablets while something from your Netflix queue plays in the background?

When it comes to spending time together quality and quantity are both important. Show that you’re making your loved one a priority by spending uninterrupted time together. A great time for this could be the thirty minutes before you go to sleep. Do you usually spend these fiddling around on your phone? Put the phone down and make this “together time.” Lying in bed cuddling and talking is a great way to feel that special closeness, not to mention that you’ll sleep much better by giving your eyes a break!

2. Remember to say “I love you” and “thank you”

You may think this goes without saying… literally! But it doesn’t. Don’t assume your spouse or partner knows you love him just because you’re still together. Let him know! These are pretty simple phrases to show your loved one you’re not taking him for granted. Plus, it gives you a moment’s pause to reflect on how much the relationship means to you!

3. Take care of yourself

It’s easy to fall into the pattern of coming home, peeling off your suit and changing into sweats. But how does it make your honey feel if you suit up for your partner? While what’s on the inside is most important, if you want to keep the romance alive, don’t neglect your appearance. Your partner wants to see you looking nice sometimes! And it will feel nice to get that special attention in return!

When you take pride in your appearance it makes your partner feel proud of you too. Just because you’re in a committed relationship is not an excuse to stop trying to show your best sides to each other. There’s a difference between being comfortable around one another and “letting yourself go.” If you try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it will make you feel better too, physically and mentally.

4. Have your own interests

Your partner fell in love with you. So keep being you! It’s wonderful if you have many shared interests, but don’t neglect your hobbies that your loved one doesn’t share. You need to fulfill yourself and be an independent person outside of your relationship to find fulfillment within it.

5. Pick activities that are unusual for you.

Keep the romance alive by getting out of a rut. Try something totally out of the blue! Try taking a class, maybe pottery, snowshoeing, or even something like lifeguarding! When you learn something new together, you discover new ways to bond.

6. Be intimate

Intimacy doesn’t just mean sex. It also means healthy communication. But don’t neglect the power of sex. Touch is a powerful and deep way of connecting with your partner.

7. Focus on the good

We all do things that annoy our partner. Instead of focusing on how your loved ones’ behavior affected you, try to think about why he acted that way. Giving the benefit of the doubt can lead to a chain reaction of more positive thinking!

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