Treatment for Sex Addiction

Treatment For Sex Addiction

The relapse potential for this problem is considered to be “high”. Unfortunately, these results may be skewed because there are many who try to contend with this problem alone, rather than seeking out help. As a result, many sex and pornography addicts have already relapsed several times prior to participating in therapy and/or a support group. For those who get help early on in the process, they are more likely to be able to manage their behaviors, work through the hurt and shame, and develop skills to prevent future relapse.

Don’t Wait.

Many times sex addicts try to move too quickly to resolving the hurt and betrayal. Partners of sex addicts can also desire quick movement through this process. As a result, many times therapy doesn’t take place when it could help people gain a personal understanding of their triggers, addictive cycles and relapse prevention.

According to the International Institute of Trauma Addiction Professionals ( IITAP ), the greatest success appears to linked with clients who have individual and group therapy elements, along with a support group system in place. For those who are able to manage their behavior, outpatient therapy is most appropriate. However, in the most severe cases, residential treatment may be required.

Sex Addiction Assessment and Treatment

Successful treatment for sexual addiction includes several approaches. The most well-known and respected credential in the field of sexual addiction is the Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) credential. These therapists are trained in utilizing a series of assessments that can help to identify problematic sexual behaviors and the level of severity of the addiction. These assessments can also help to identify some of the underlying causes of the addictive behavior, which can help to develop a solid treatment plan.

Successful sexual addiction treatment will likely utilize Dr. Patrick Carnes’ “task-based” model. Dr. Patrick Carnes is the leading proponent in the field of sex addiction. His model is utilized by renowned experts in sexual addiction throughout the world. Carnes task-based model has found that those with addictions do well with specific assignments, which can be used to facilitate personal growth and discovery. Therefore, most CSAT trained therapists will utilize workbooks such as Facing the Shadow or Recovery Zone . These books should not be worked through without the professional help of a therapist. The work that they provide can be triggering, and a professional can help addicts go through it in a way that makes sense for their recovery.

Individual Therapy

After the assessment phase, clients will quickly begin assignments and relapse prevention work. It’s critically important that clients understand their triggers for their addiction. This allows the client to better identify easier to handle triggers and intervene with them, before their behavior is out-of-control. This could be the point where they call a sponsor, reach out to a loved one, practice mindfulness, or engage in a healthier behavior until the “urge” passes.

Many therapists will encourage their clients to seek out a 12-step support group, such as Sex Addicts Anonymous ( SAA ) or Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous ( SLAA ). This is not therapy, as much as it is community support. In these settings, support and sponsorship are offered. It also gives people an opportunity to offer that support to others as well.

Group Therapy

Many times sex addicts are also encouraged to participate in group therapy. Although many clients don’t want to participate in this element of therapy, many are happy that they decided to do this. The group offers a place to discuss common sex addiction issues with people who will understand, but who will also hold the addict accountable when needed as well. All of this is done in a non-shaming way, which also practices intimacy and connection.

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