Sex Therapy for Women

Is having enjoyable sex a struggle in your relationship?

Are you dealing with low sexual desire?

Are you dealing with pain while you’re having sex?

Women have specific sexual issues that are specific to them. Whether you’re struggling to find sexual desire in your relationships, you’re contending with life, relationship, and sexual balance, or sex is just not enjoyable for you, we can help. Many relationships go from excitement, romance, and passion, and then fizzle out over time. We’ll help you unpack and communicate the elements that can make sex more enjoyable.

We help women who are dealing with the following:

  • low sexual desire
  • sexual orientation concerns
  • pain with sex
  • shame associated with sex
  • sexual trauma

Whether you’re dealing with a long-term problem, or a new problem, we can help.

Maybe you’re dealing with a lifelong lack of sexual desire. Or maybe you’re dealing with a lack of desire that you’ve noticed increasing as you’ve gotten older. Together, we will work with you so that you can make sense of your sexual story, but in a non-shaming way. Through understanding several aspects of your sexuality, you can start to make decisions to increase your sexual desire so that you can enjoy this closeness in your relationship. 

Sex can be a complicated issue in any relationship.

We recognize that satisfactory sex is more than just having sex with your partner. We can help you find a balance between romance, passion, and intimacy. This balance can be a difficult one to maintain. Whether it be in your general relationship, or your sex life, it’s not always clear what would create more passion. We’ll help you determine what these things mean to you, and the best way to explain them to your partner, so that you can make them a reality.

Pain with sex is not normal. Don’t live with it.

If you’re experiencing pain when you’re having sex, we can help you with this. Whether you’re dealing with a condition such as vaginismus, or you’re experiencing pain with other sexual positions, sex therapy can help. This can be a very painful, and even shameful experience for many women. Know that this is something that is treatable, and it says nothing about you as person or partner. You also don’t have to suffer through pain with sex. In time, you’ll be able to have sex that is enjoyable for you and your partner.

Communication about sex is difficult, we can help.

Talking about sex in a non-shaming way can be difficult. Specifically communicating what you want sexually can be very intimidating. We understand that having an enjoyable sex life is more than just being able to engage in intercourse. Sex Therapy can help you better understand yourself sexually, what you struggle to communicate, and why this is a struggle, so that communicating this in your relationship is easier to do. With our help, we’ll make it so that you can openly discuss what it is that you want, while also understanding your partner’s apprehension about this. By increasing the awareness surrounding your sexual problems, fears, frustrations, and concerns, you’re much more likely to get to a place where negotiation can happen.

Our therapists who specialize in Sex Therapy for Women

Heather Henry, LCSW, CSAT-C, CCPS-C

Nicole Wallace, LPC-S, CST

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    Sex Therapy for Women in Dallas, TX June 14, 2016