How to Focus on Small Victories When You Feel Stuck

It’s not uncommon to feel “stuck” in many different areas of your life.

Maybe you’re in a job that doesn’t bring you fulfillment. Maybe your relationship is stagnant. Or, maybe you’ve just found yourself feeling flat with your day-to-day life.

No matter what has you feeling stuck, it’s important to celebrate the small victories each day.

Many times, we wait for big events to happen that will supposedly change our lives. Unfortunately, waiting around for events like that can leave you feeling anxious and even depressed if your expectations aren’t met.

Learning to focus on small victories, especially when you feel stuck, is a much better option. When you celebrate the little things, you can get out of your rut and find more motivation to make changes.

Notice and Acknowledge Your Victories
Again, it’s easy to get caught up waiting around for something big to happen. Instead, focus on the personal victories you achieve each day.

It could be something as simple as finishing a hard workout you didn’t think you would get through. Or, getting a project done at work that you were originally intimidated by.

In relationships, a small victory could be something like successfully scheduling time for a date or making your partner smile with a kind gesture.

These aren’t huge scenarios, but they can be hugely impactful. You just have to take the time to notice them. By acknowledging your small victories, they’ll start to add up. As a result, they’ll begin to feel much bigger and more important to you on a daily basis.

Celebrate and Share Your Victories
Have you ever noticed how a small child gets excited when they accomplish the simplest task? Many times, adults around them will celebrate with them, congratulating them or sharing in their enthusiasm.

We lose some of that as we get older. While you don’t need to get overly excited about something like tying your shoes as a child would, you should absolutely get excited over your small victories in a similar way.

Don’t be afraid to celebrate the little things you accomplish, and share them with others. Tell someone who you know will care.

Each time you do, it creates a celebratory environment between two or more people. After all, who doesn’t want to have a reason to celebrate each day?

So, you’ll want to keep experiencing that again and again. Before you know it, your drive and motivation to keep that feeling going will help you not to feel so “stuck” anymore.

Focus On the Present
Do you find yourself focused on the future a lot? That often creates a lot of pressure on what we expect from ourselves.

You can start to see more small victories in your life if you shift your focus to the present, rather than constantly thinking about the future.

This is especially helpful in relationships. Far too often, people in relationships try to focus on a bigger picture by looking toward the future. But, if you’re feeling stuck in your relationship in the present, worrying about the future isn’t going to help.

Instead, notice your day-to-day moments, and do what you can to fill those moments with victories. Over time, those victories will add up to a much bigger level of success.

When it comes to work, family, friendships, or romantic relationships, everyone feels stuck from time to time. Instead of waiting for the next big thing to come along, try to focus on the small victories, instead.

They happen more often than you might think if you’re just willing to remain in the present moment, and take the time to notice how often you “win” on a daily basis.

For more help when you’re feeling stuck, please reach out to me today. I would like to help.