My Role as a Sex Therapist in the Time of the Coronavirus

I was recently asked what do I think my role as a sex therapist is at this time. That was a scary question for me because I wasn’t sure if I had an answer or even more scary I wasn’t sure if I had a role at this time. Then I got to thinking my role is what it has always been. It is to help clients through their issues with sex and intimacy but just now through the context of COVID 19.

I’ve always thought of my role as helping form connections. In this difficult time of social distancing and isolation we are feeling less connected and more alone than usual. As a sex therapist I see my role as helping my clients reconnect with that sexual side of themselves. Whether they have recently disconnected from that part a long time ago or have recently disconnected as a result of COVID 19. Part of finding that connection is redefining what sex looks like for yourself and/or with your partner. My role is to help you and/or your partner navigate through what sex looks like in the time of COVID-19. Connection is something that we are all so desperately seeking at this time. Which is why it is important not to wait to establish your sexual connection. Pleasure and release in these stressful times can be beneficial to your mental health. So, please feel free to contact me to learn more.