What is Post Induction Therapy and How Can It Help?

What is Post Induction Therapy and How Can It Help?

Post Induction Therapy is a type of trauma therapy that was created to help people with developmental traumas that comes from abuse and neglect. This style of therapy was developed by Pia Mellody, a leading proponent of issues relating to love addiction and love avoidance, as well as codependency. This specialized therapy helps people find balance in core issues relating to their self-esteem, and personal feelings of shame. It also helps people develop better, long-lasting relationships with others, because they develop better relationships with themselves.

This style of therapy is largely used at The Meadows, which is a well-known treatment facility for issues with intimacy disorders and addictions. This is why it is also often referred to as “The Meadows Model”. This powerful therapeutic works helps clients work through childhood wounds, in a way that avoids becoming overly complex. Clients learn to support themselves in the here and now, rather than get immobilized by past trauma.

Help with Intimacy Issues

Some people struggle with becoming too dependent on others. On the other hand, others struggle with chronically avoiding building genuine connections. Post Induction Therapy (PIT) helps people understand how these struggles came to be. Through help with a PIT trained therapist, clients identify and heal old wounds, in a way that helps them notice their own breaking of boundaries and crossing of their own values system. This helps to enhance both friendships and romantic relationships. Thus, the PIT model also is effective for the most intense of these situations, including love addiction and love avoidance.

Help with Self-Esteem

The most important aspect of developing strong relationships with others is developing a strong relationship with yourself. Identifying areas where lacking self-respect impacts the self, as well as those around you, goes a long way in reaching intimacy goals. Post-Induction makes this more apparent to clients, while also helping them to work through the actual source of the self-esteem problem.

Help with Addictions

Many addictions have trauma at the very core of their energy. Post-Induction Therapy can help people deal with the trauma that is based in childhood relationship traumas. This can include abuse/neglect with parents, as well as abuse from peers. By helping clients to better understand these wounds, and work through them, clients are less likely to fall out of their recovery.

Post Induction Therapy can help with the following:

  • Problems finding and maintaining stable relationships.
  • Overcoming addiction related trauma.
  • Becoming more comfortable dealing with personal emotions.
  • Contending with issues of codependency.
  • Avoiding intimacy with others.
  • Problems with self-esteem and self-worth.

Our therapists who specialize in Trauma Therapy

treepic2Michael J. Salas, MA, LPC-S, LCDC, CSAT

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  1. Great blog on how to treat such childhood wounds! Thanks for giving such as succinct summary of PIT.


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