At this time of year, commercials, advertisements, and social network feeds are filled with
images of happy families, friends, and celebrations for the holiday season. This can be a very
difficult time of the year for the recovering person when their reality does not align with the
picture of a happy holiday on the advertisement or on social media. Loneliness, sadness, regret,
isolation, and boredom are very uncomfortable emotions that are difficult to manage and
identify. These feelings can be present when spending the holiday alone or with family. Here are
some suggestions to keep recovery active and you sober through the season:

  • Don’t take a holiday vacation from those changes that have kept you sober.
  • Increase your recovery meeting attendance.
  • Have your sponsor and 5 other support friends available to talk and process feelings
    during the holiday.
  • If you are out of town, know where the closest meetings are and the meeting hall
  • Talk about your feelings and emotions even if you feel they are not important.
  • Talk about triggers for relapse and safety plan for addressing those triggers.
  • Have an exit plan from social events and/or family events in case you are needing to leave promptly.

Remember – be prepared with your recovery tools!
Have a Happy, Safe, and Sober Holiday!


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