Mental Health Counseling

Individual counseling at Vantage Point Counseling consists of compassionately helping you solve problems, reach your goals, and learn about yourself. Counseling is done by utilizing an eclectic approach to help you learn about your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and see how these impact your daily decisions and relationships. Barriers to achieving your goals are examined, and plans are made to help you overcome these problems. Internal and external motivators of change are used as a theme in counseling sessions at Vantage Point to help you create long-lasting change.

Reasons to set up an appointment for individual counseling include:

Sex Addiction Therapy

Whether you are dealing with a sex addiction, or you are a partner of someone who is dealing with a sex addiction, Vantage Point can help. Whether it be dealing with multiple infidelities, compulsive use of pornography or cybersex, Vantage Point has specialized training to help you through this. With such help, you will be able to rebuild trust that has been lost and gain control of your sexual behavior for life. You’ll be able to create better communication in your relationship, and live a life without secrets and betrayal.

Substance Abuse Evaluations

Vantage Point specializes in providing for those who are questioning whether or not they have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs and to determine if treatment is needed. This is commonly recommended by attorneys for those who currently have a legal charge related to alcohol or drugs, such as a driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence charge. Evaluations are completed in a timely manner after the interview.

Substance abuse evaluations at Vantage Point are conducted utilizing nationally recognized assessment formats and screening tools. This is followed by a comprehensive interview to reach an objective recommendation for the person being evaluated.

Some reasons to have a Substance Abuse Evaluation include the following:

  • Frequent complaints about your drinking from family and friends
  • Legal problems related to alcohol or drug use
  • Financial problems related to alcohol or drug use
  • Continued use despite multiple attempts to stop
  • Frequent questioning if you have a problem
  • Unsure of the level of treatment needed
  • Activities have been given up for use of alcohol or drugs

Vantage Point offers outpatient substance abuse and alcohol abuse treatment services. These services are provided individually to clients to help them look at their current usage patterns and make plans to moderate their usage or abstain from their usage altogether. Counseling is provided in a non-judgmental manner to empower clients to make new goals, promote that enhance relationships, lead to improved feelings of self-esteem, and develop ways to enjoy leisure time without alcohol or drugs.

Clients thought patterns are reviewed as they relate to alcohol, stress, sadness, and relationships to determine more rational ways of thinking. Feelings of grief relating to loss of work, struggling relationships, and loss of the substance itself are addressed to help clients their chances for success.

Vantage Point also provides and encourages couples and family counseling for substance abuse treatment. This type of counseling provides education and support to family members so that they better understand the problems that their loved ones are dealing with. Family and couples counseling also shows clients ways to provide a strong support system without unknowingly enabling the behavior.

Counseling Services February 10, 2012