Emotionally Surviving Black Friday

Black Friday, and especially the days leading up to it, can be intense, even if you’re not aware of it. It is important to pay attention to how marketers create a low level of emotion within us to get us to buy their products. This emotion can build up, and can go unnoticed. It’s a level of agitation and anxiety that tells you that if you obtained that certain item, things would be better for you. Marketers work to build this by creating a level of agitation that hits those sad places or even empty places that are already there inside of you.

This is an emotional priming to get you to feel less than complete without the things that are being sold. It’s important to know that all of the doorbusters that are marketed during Black Friday are a part of this priming. The agitation that you feel is part of a strategy to make it seem as if going to the store is the only way to relieve this tension. However, that rare deal that you are not likely to succeed in getting will likely be erased by the rest of the money that the anxiety that you feel will lead you to drop.

So what do you do? Slow down. Pay attention to what is happening inside of you. Remember that doorbusters are actually like a casino that is offering prize money in its slot machines. The stores that are offering Black Friday deals are actually not interested in losing money at all. And they won’t lose any money. They’re creating heavy traffic to go through their stores, with the hopes that you’ll pick up more than you bargained for before you leave. It would be exciting if you are one of those who gets that huge deal on that rare item that is available this year. However, that excitement won’t last for very long. The problems and emotions that you face in your life will still be there after the holiday is over. Remember to use these facts to center your focus, so that you can avoid getting reactive to the sense that these Black Friday deals are creating within you.

It is also important to be aware of the possible emotional aftereffects of the level of agitation created by this day. If you do decide to venture out into the heavy traffic of this shopping day, you’re likely going to feel exhausted. You’re also likely to feel let down because it’s not probable that you’re going to get the kind of deals that you thought that you would get. You might feel disappointed because you aren’t going to be able to give the gift that you imagined giving. Gently remind yourself not to be so hard on yourself at this time. Pay attention to what you value and what you would like your family to value about the holiday. Finally, notice those empty places that are inside of you before you invest all of your energy. Also, remember that shopping can be a quick fix for emotional spaces, yet money nor things will ever be a cure to fill what is already missing. Pay attention to these emotional spaces and find support to take care of yourself.


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