Knowing what you value is an important part of any type of healing, growing, and setting goals. This is often an overlooked as a potential avenue to growth, and a barrier that can keep us in a stagnant place. Whether it be your recovery, managing depression or anxiety, figuring out your career path, or negotiating a relationship, knowing what you value is extremely important. Knowing what you value can make things that seem so unclear so much easier to understand.

Identifying your values sounds easier than it is. Utilizing a values inventory or list online can help you start to assess something that you may have never thought much about. What I recommend doing is begin by taking off of the list what you care least about. Then you can begin to list what is most important to you with what is left over.

You can also utilize a values card sort to determine what values are most important to you. A card sort is a great way of visualizing what is most important to you.

After you are clear on what you value, you can use this information to write out a personal mission statement that can carry over into all areas of your life. This should help you to make all decisions in your life. How you interact with others, what kinds of relationships you have, and what career paths you may want to take can all be easier if you are clear on what you value.

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