Coping with Holiday Stress and Maintaining Our Realtionships

In this video, I talk about how couples can perhaps have a different perspective about visiting the in-laws
and other family members that may have differing views and STILL  enjoy the holidays!
 I’m Phillip McCulley at Vantage Point Dallas Counseling. The holidays are upon us and so is the stress that comes from having a lot of fun and good times and (or) a lot of not-so-good times. No one’s  relationship is perfect and oftentimes we need a little booster shot. This is where I feel therapy can be great because it gives you a mediator to kind of sound things out and provide feedback.  I also recommend therapy if you just want to come in for a checkup. I’m seeing in my client base (now and ) through the years that it’s often challenging for couples (as related to in-laws) particularly when there’s not an established relationship yet. (For example,) a protective mother and (and new daughter in law asserting her role in the family can be challenging.) Also where there are blended families this can be very fun sometimes but also very stressful.
Not every family is  the Brady Bunch, so some advice (regarding) going into to in-laws home,  for example, is doing so with, if not a positive attitude, at least a neutral mindset. This is as opposed to catastrophizing worst-case scenarios (which is often the way our minds work!) It’s  even better if you can go beyond being neutral to light hearted! My mom always said when I was growing up that when I went into a tough social situation, to just go in with a “light and breezy” (attitude.)  Don’t go in with guns blazing-(looking for negatives or trying to pick a fight.) I think she has a point. What you expect to happen often does! Know that the reality is that (other people’s reactions are often about them and their struggles in life) and often not about you!
Let’s hope that things CAN get better … that people CAN grow and if they don’t,  let’s just accept people’s differences for what they are and take the good we can from it and move forward!
I hope this was helpful and even more so that you enjoy the holidays! Sing, laugh and play! I hope to speak with you soon!